September 17, 2020

Gallery Magic Lite Plugin for WordPress

Gallery Magic Lite

The Gallery Magic Lite plugin allows you to grab image galleries from other sites and automatically insert them into your WordPress posts and pages. The plugin will download the original full-sized gallery images from a remote website, upload them to your server, crop the image preview thumbnails, set featured a image for the post and generate a standard WordPress image gallery.

Use the gallery_magic shortcode to grab an image gallery from a specified webpage and insert into your post. E.g.:

[gallery_magic url="" featured_image="first" link="file"]

Save the post and open it in the browser. It will take a while when you open it for the first time, because the plugin needs to download all images, crop tumbnails etc.

The following parameters are available for the gallery_magic shortcode:

  • url: the source gallery URL;
  • featured_image: “first”, “last”, “random” or leave it empty if you don’t want to generate featured image at all;
  • max_images: max number of images in the gallery (default: all images);
  • cols: number of columns in the gallery (default: 4);
  • size: specify the image size to use for the thumbnail display. Valid values include “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large”, “full” and any other additional image size that was registered with add_image_size(). The default value is “thumbnail”. The size of the images for “thumbnail”, “medium” and “large” can be configured in WordPress admin panel under Settings > Media.
  • link: can be “file” (link directly to image file), “none” (no link) or leave it empty if you want to link it to the attachment’s permalink.

Gallery Magic

Now simply save or update the post and Vualá, your gallery is here:

Gallery Magic

Download Gallery Magic Lite

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