AI Autoblogger plugin for WordPress

AI Autoblogger plugin for WordPress

Since its first release in 2006, the CyberSEO Pro plugin has amassed a vast array of features and tools, making it the preferred choice for professional webmasters. The plugin’s multifunctional capabilities make it a powerful content aggregator for WordPress and an AI-driven autoblogging tool. However, this complexity can be a drawback, as the plugin requires a learning curve that is challenging for beginners. This situation necessitated the development of a separate plugin dedicated solely to WordPress article generation, using the latest AI technologies in text and image generation.

Introducing AI Autoblogger – our new plugin for creating WordPress posts in fully automatic mode. This tool is not just another online service that charges per article generated, nor is it a plugin that requires manual creation. This plugin integrates all of CyberSEO’s advanced technologies for AI-driven article generation for WordPress into a more convenient, intuitive, logical and user-friendly interface. The AI Autoblogger plugin features a more lenient licensing policy and provides unique features unavailable in CyberSEO Pro because of its architecture.

When it comes to automatic AI article generation, AI Autoblogger is a more powerful and user-friendly solution than CyberSEO Pro, so if you do not need to import content feeds, but are looking for an AI-based SEO writing autoblogging plugin, AI Autoblogger is exactly what you need. Please check out the list below to see how AI Autoblogger differs from similar solutions.

Autonomy and Independence

The AI Autoblogger plugin gives you complete independence from various online services that may be temporarily unavailable or even shut down. No service fees for generated articles, no dependence on 3rd party sites. The full stack process of article generation and posting to WordPress is fully automated. All posts are generated on your own website according to the schedule you set. While using it, you only pay the AI technology providers directly for the use of their APIs. There are no additional fees.

Use of the latest technologies

To generate article texts, the AI Autoblogger plugin supports the following text models:

  • OpenAI GPT-4o – available through OpenAI’s official API and also via the unified API at OpenRouter.
  • OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo – available through OpenAI’s official API and also via the unified API at OpenRouter.
  • Google Gemini Pro 1.5 – available through Google’s official API and the unified API at OpenRouter.
  • Anthropic Claude 3 Sonnet – available through Anthropic’s official API and the unified API at OpenRouter.
  • Anthropic Claude 3 Opus – available through Anthropic’s official API and the unified API at OpenRouter.
  • Misrtal Large – available through the unified API at OpenRouter.

For image generation, the AI Autoblogger plugin supports the following services and models:

  • StableDiffusion XL – via the official API of Stability AI.
  • DALL·E 3 – via OpenAI’s official API.
  • Midjourney – through an alternative API of GoAPI.

To use these services, you must have your own API keys for the AI services listed.

Full control over article structure and format

Unlike other AI SEO writing plugins and online services, AI Autoblogger does not limit you to a set of options like “choose article tone” or “include tables in the text”. Instead, you provide instructions in plain, human language, just as you would if you were directing a human copywriter. There are no restrictions in the form of special settings options; you have complete control over the AI, whether for an entire article or any of its individual sections. Use your own GPT prompts like a pro!

Large cohesive articles

Current models are usually limited to 4K or 8K tokens for text generation. The AI Autoblogger plugin effectively solves this problem with a special algorithm that leverages the ability of AI models to analyze large amounts of text. As a result, you can generate cohesive articles up to 300 pages in length and even more, with contextually related content composed of multiple sections of text as you specify.

High-quality illustrations

Illustrations and WordPress featured images play a crucial role in showcasing your articles and grabbing the attention of website visitors. The AI Autoblogger plugin emphasizes both the quality of these images and the ease of configuring their creation. It fully integrates StableDiffusion XL, DALL·E 3, and Midjourney and runs them in a fully automated mode.

You can manually create image generation prompts for each campaign, including the use of Spintax, or you can let the plugin automatically generate images that are contextually aligned with each section of text. In addition, you can combine these approaches by specifying additional style parameters for images that the plugin generates based on AI-generated image prompts derived from the textual content of your articles.

Full automation

Once configured, the AI Autoblogger plugin works autonomously according to the schedule you set. This eliminates the need to manually generate each article with AI and then publish it to WordPress. AI Autoblogger takes care of these tasks completely, streamlining your content creation process.

No footprints, no traces

AI Autoblogger leaves no identifiable marks in the posts it generates, making it impossible to discern that they were created and published by an autoblogging plugin rather than a human. Furthermore, the plugin cannot be detected on your server by third-party bots and search engines scanning the /wp-content/plugins directory of your site. Any attempts to find it will result in the standard server error message – HTTP 404 Not Found.




AI Autoblogger - Campaigns

In the main interface of the plugin you will find a list of your article campaigns, their status and buttons for editing and manual initiation, which is always recommended before switching to automatic mode.

Below the list of campaigns there is a menu for creating a new article campaign. You can create it together with a list of article titles that will be generated by the selected AI model, or you can generate the list of titles yourself, for example using ChatGPT, to insert it manually into the campaign settings.

AI Autoblogger - Articles

In the “Articles” settings tab of the campaign, you will find a list of your items that you can edit. The list is compiled in a simple pipe-delimited CSV format:


where keywords are an optional part, so your list can consist only of titles, one per line.

After an article is published, its title is automatically removed from the list, which can be prevented by checking the “Keep titles” checkbox. This feature of the plugin can be useful if you want to reuse each title from the list, especially if it was created with Spintax. This way you can generate a large number of unique article titles from a very small list, even if it consists of only one line.

AI Autoblogger - Post Content

This tab allows you to configure the most important element-your prompt for the Text AI model-as well as other parameters for the generated articles. Note that the articles you create will consist of text sections, each of which will not exceed the maximum number of tokens generated by your chosen model (4,000-8,000 tokens per section).

Unfortunately, today’s models don’t generate long texts in one go, but don’t worry. Each of your articles can contain dozens of such sections and be comparable in size to an entire book. AI Autoblogger also ensures that the entire text of the article is coherent, not just a series of unrelated blocks of text. Thanks to a special algorithm in the plugin, your articles will always be coherent and complete.

You can also set up the generation of headings for text sections, determine how the post excerpt should be generated (use the text from the beginning of the article, generate a unique one using AI, or not generate it at all), and specify HTML code that will be automatically inserted at the beginning and end of each generated article. To insert HTML blocks with random content, use Spintax. This allows the content to vary each time an article is generated, ensuring that unique and dynamic sections are included in your posts.

Pay special attention to your prompt. This is where you will instruct the AI model on the topic and style of the articles for this campaign, as well as the HTML structure they should have. For example, if you want to include tables in the text, clearly indicate in the prompt that the model can generate them using <table>, <tr>, and <td> tags. If you plan to generate instructional articles on programming that will contain code, provide in your prompt an example of a <div> setup so that your WP theme or a specialized plugin like Enlighter can display the code inserts with correct formatting and syntax highlighting.

When setting up prompts for AI Autoblogger, you have the flexibility to use both simple and compound formats. A simple prompt can consist of general instructions for generating all sections of an article. However, a composite prompt allows for more detailed customization for individual sections.

Composite prompt structure:

Main prompt: This is used by the AI model to generate a list of section headings and to generate text for each section of the article.
Section-specific prompts: These are identified by markers such as [[SECTION 2]] followed by a prompt specific to that section. The section number indicates which section the additional prompt applies to. For example:

main prompt for all sections
section 2 prompt
section 5 prompt

The section-specific prompts are appended to the main prompt when the text for that article section is generated. These prompts can be added in any order, and their number can be less than or equal to the number of sections. If the number exceeds the number of sections, the plugin will simply ignore the extra section prompts. This system allows you to specify unique prompts for certain sections to refine the writing style, provide specific content directives, or assign a unique HTML structure to each section.

This approach ensures that each section can be tailored to meet specific content and style requirements, improving the overall coherence and relevance of your article.

AI Autoblogger - Post settings
This tab allows you to set the main parameters for publishing the generated WordPress posts. These include tags, categories, and authors (you have the option to select a random author if your blog has multiple contributors). In addition, you can set the publishing status and type, such as “post”, “page”, or any registered custom post type. This allows you to tailor the publishing process to the specific needs and structure of your WordPress site.

AI Autoblogger - Media

On the “Media” tab, you can select one of the three AI models supported by the plugin for image generation: Midjourney (recommended), Stable Diffusion XL, or DALL·E 3. Set the number of images the plugin will insert into each article above the generated text sections. You can also set the rules for generating the post thumbnail – use the first image from the article, generate a unique thumbnail, or choose not to generate a post thumbnail at all.

AI Autoblogger - SEO

Note that you can use Spintax in the image generation prompt box. Additionally, if you check the “Auto prompt” box, the plugin will use AI to analyze the text of each section in the article to create the most appropriate prompt for generating an image. In this case, your own text prompt will serve as an extension, allowing you to specify a certain style, mood, etc. for the images. This is a powerful feature that, especially when combined with Midjourney, can automatically generate stunning illustrations for articles on any topic. The “Auto prompt” feature is unique for the AI Autoblogger plugin.

System requirements

AI Autoblogger is not particularly demanding on server resources and is designed for standard configurations typically provided by commercial hosting providers. However, before purchasing the plugin, please ensure that the following necessary components are available:

  • WordPress 6 or greater.
  • PHP ver. 7 or greater (PHP 7.4.32 and PHP 8 or greater are recommended).
  • A live web site with a domain name. The plugin can’t be activated at unnamed IP address or at localhost.

What’s included?

The AI Autoblogger plugin distribution consists of a single PHP file that cannot be detected by search bots or any other methods. Attempting to open the plugin file in a browser will result in a system error – 404 page not found. The AI Autoblogger core code is the most compact among popular content aggregator plugins for WordPress, with a size of less than 500 kilobytes. The entire code is proprietary and does not contain any third-party GPL libraries, fragments, or components. When purchasing AI Autoblogger, you will receive the following:

  • The AI Autoblogger plugin and all further updates for it.
  • Free email support.
  • Free access to the support forum.
  • Free updates for the duration of the product’s availability.


AI Autoblogger
1 site license
$19.95 per license
A one-time payment, no rebills
No paid add-ons, no service fees
Free updates to all upcoming versions
The license is transferable *
Personal email support
AI Autoblogger
10 site license
$9.95 per license
A one-time payment, no rebills
No paid add-ons, no service fees
Free updates to all upcoming versions
The license is transferable *
Personal email support

Instant Download

Upon completing your purchase, you will gain immediate access to the download link for the plugin. This means that right after your payment is processed and confirmed, you’ll be able to start downloading the plugin right away. No waiting time involved!

Please note that the download link and activation instructions will be sent to the email address associated with your purchase. In case you don’t receive the email promptly, we recommend checking your spam or junk folder. If you find the email there, please mark it as “not spam” to ensure future correspondence lands in your inbox.

Free Support and Free Updates

Purchase a license for the current version of AI Autoblogger and receive complimentary personal support as well as access to all subsequent updates for the duration of the product’s availability.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 7-day money-back guarantee if the plugin is not working as described due to any issues. If you face any problems that hinder your use of the plugin and can’t be resolved by adjusting the settings, we will refund your full payment amount.

* You can use these licenses to install the plugin on your personal sites, on your company’s sites, and on your customers’ sites. A license can only be active at one site. If your domain was dropped or if you need to transfer the plugin to another URL, please contact support to facilitate the process.  Developers are allowed to use the AI Autoblogger license on their client’s website as long as the total number of websites doesn’t exceed the license limit. Please note that the plugin cannot be executed on a localhost. It requires a live URL, as it interacts with online resources.