September 22, 2011


Q: I’ve paid for the plugin, but I don’t know how to download it. I was never redirected to a download page or given any instructions?

A: The plugin can not be delivered earlier than your transaction will pass the 2checkout anti-fraud check. Please find the following note on the CyberSEO purchase form: “Your order will be processed within 24 hours”. If you won’t receive the download and activation info within 24 hours, check your email spam box. If the email is there, please make sure to mark it as “not spam”.

Q: Will my feed settings be kept if I switch from CyberSEO Lite to CyberSEO Pro?

A: Yes. CyberSEO Pro is fully compatible with CyberSEO. So all your feed settings and will remain intact. They just will be extended with new options.

Q: The plugin does not generate posts from a given feed.

A: You should disable the post thumbnail auto generation option, because your feed does not contain any pictures that can be used as post thumbnails (featured images).

Q: I’m getting the following error message when I’m trying to activate the plugin: “The plugin generated 209 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

A: Your server runs some outdated version of PHP. You should upgrade it to at least version 5.3.3 or greater. The most recent PHP version 7.x.x is highly recommended. You can obtain it here:

Q: Does CyberSEO plugin guaranty that all the text content on my autoblogs will be unique?

A: Yes it does, but the percent of originality will depend on quality of 3rd-party spinner services and on size and accuracy of your synonym table. Your content will be as much unique, as more synonym entries you will have there.

Q: I am trying to test the feed by having the updates pull every 5 minutes but currently the feed shows the next update as ASAP with the last update at 1000 minutes ago. Is there something configured improperly?

A: If you are using “auto” RSS pull mode (CyberSEO -> General Settings), then the plugin will be updated only when someone opens your site in the browser. That’s how WordPress scheduler (pseudo cron) works. Find more info here:

Here is a quote from WordPress documentation:

“Schedules a hook which will be executed by the WordPress actions core on a specific interval, specified by you. The action will trigger when someone visits your WordPress site, if the scheduled time has passed.

If you want to pull the feed every 5 minutes, you must switch the RSS pull mode to “by cron or manually” setup your server-side cron, to make it pull your site’s URL every 5 minutes. Note that the URL must include the secret token, so he URL will look like this:

where “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” is the secret token, generated by CynerSEO for your site. It will be displayed right below the RSS pull mode drop box when you select “by cron or manually”.

Q: Someone has offered me to sell his CyberSEO license. Can I buy it from a 3rd-party person?

A: No. Please read our Terms Of Service.

Q: Is the unlimited license only for one server installation or I can install it on more servers?

A: You can install it on as many servers/domains as you want. The only requirement: all these domains must belong to you.

Q: I can’t syndicate some particular RSS feed with CyberSEO. Why?

A: Make sure that the feed exists and valid. You can check it at

Q: I’m using Yahoo Web hosting for my WordPress blogs. Can I use CyberSEO there?

A: Sure. You can use the CyberSEO plugin on any host which meets the system requirements.

Q: CyberSEO displays the featured image or thumbnail twice on single blog view. How can I fix it?

A: The plugin does not display anything at all. Your theme does. It shows both featured image and the post picture which was used to generate it. You should disable featured images inside posts in your theme settings. It it can’t be switched off, you have to edit your theme manually (usually you need to alter single.php). Otherwise you should switch to some alternative theme which has no such a defect.

Q: I have received the following error message: “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 9223372036854775807 seconds exceeded in /wp-content/plugins/cyberseo/cyberseo.php(52) : eval()’d code on line 3”.

A: Make sure to update your copy of CyberSEO to version 8.003 or higher.