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CyberSEO Pro AI

CyberSEO Pro is the most powerful all content import plugin for WordPress. It allows you to populate your WordPress sites with high quality search engine optimized articles and all sorts of media content from RSS feeds, Atom feeds, XML feeds, JSON feeds, CSV files, pipe/comma/semicolon-delimited raw text dumps, video tubes, marketplaces, social networks and more. The plugin is integrated with a wide range of cutting edge AI technologies for machine translation, article rewriting, text and image generation, such as Article Forge, OpenAI GPT-3 (as used by ChatGPT), DALL∙E 2 and Stable Diffusion technologies. CyberSEO Pro has been continuously improved, expanded and developed since 2006. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and PHP 8.

Owners of 105,494 websites can't be wrong

Any content sources to posts and pages

While most of the content syndication plugins for WordPress only support RSS feeds, CyberSEO Pro lets you also import XML feeds, JSON feeds, HTML web pages, sitemap XML files, CSV files and pipe/comma/semicolon-delimited raw text dumps just as easily as you normally do with regular RSS feeds. The list of supported content sources also includes video tubes (YouTube, Vmeo, DailyMotion), social networks (Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest), online marketplaces (Amazon, AliExpress, GdeSlon etc), adult tubes and live cams. You can easily use all these content sources to automatically generate posts and pages for your websites.

CyberSEO Pro - content to posts and pages

AI-generated articles

If you're familiar with services like ChatGPT, you'll definitely appreciate the power of integrating with the cutting edge OpenAI GPT-3 article generator, allowing you to supplement your imported content with AI-generated articles. Now you can fully automatically rewrite, translate or generate high-quality and unique articles according to your own assignments, written in a regular human language. Take your autoblogging content to the next level of Search Engine Optimization!

CyberSEO Pro - text translation

AI-generated images

Automatically generate stunning images based on your text descriptions, using the newest DALL∙E 2 by OpenAI and Stable Diffusion 2.1 by Stability AI artificial intelligence technologies. Every such an image will be completely unique and created specifically for your site. Perhaps you've already seen those mesmerizing AI-generated images online and would like to generate them for your sites automatically. Now CyberSEO Pro gives you that opportunity - don't miss it! Check the Tales from Robots mock site, which is wholly run by four creative and desperate robots.

CyberSEO Pro - use AI to generate images automatically

Full article extractor

Not all RSS feeds contain full articles, images and videos. Many are limited to short excerpts only. CyberSEO Pro is integrated with the most advanced Full-Text RSS script which allows you to extract full articles from feeds containing only short extracts. Please keep in mind that even if the Full-Text RSS script is extremely powerful, its not almighty, so in some rare cases it could be unable to parse some particular HTML layout. However in 99% cases to does it work just perfectly. On the other hand just remember that CyberSEO Pro allows you to use your own custom PHP parser for any type of content.

CyberSEO Pro - content to posts and pages

Text translation

The plugin will automatically translate your imported articles from and into almost any language, using well-known automated translation services such as Google Translate, Yandex Translate and DeepL. Combined with the integrated WPML and Polylang plugins, your website will reach a much wider International audience and get even more SE traffic. The plugin supports all national character encoding sets and able to dynamically convert them into the UTF-8 format. Have you seen any other RSS import plugin which can do that?

CyberSEO Pro - text translation

Synonymize spin, rewrite and generate

The name of the plugin itself suggests that it is equipped with a full set of tools for search engine optimization of the generated content. CybeSEO Pro has a built-in content synonymizer where you can upload your own synonym tables. In addition, the plugin is integrated with the famous 3rd-party content spinners such as SpinRewriter, WordAi, SpinnerChief, X-Spinner, The Best Spinner, ChimpRewriter and ESPinner. There is built-in support for true nested Spintax, which can be used in post templates and AI engine assignments.

CyberSEO Pro - synonymize, spin and rewrite


Have you thought about the fact that comments on the pages of your WordPress site are also content that is indexed by search engines? So why not use them to fill your website with additional content? The CyberSEO Pro plugin allows you to randomly and organically add comments to your posts. So where do you get the content of these comments? First, you can use a manually prepared text list of comments containing the keywords you want. Second, you can automatically import them from any RSS feed. Just don't confuse this method with spam comments, because the plugin posts them to your own site only, so it doesn't spam other sites. Consider this method as a standard RSS import. The only difference is that all the syndicated content will be added as post comments to the already existing posts and no new posts or pages will be created.

CyberSEO Pro - WordPress auto-comments

Content filtering

Use the built-in filter set to import only the articles you want by keywords and key phrases, tags, text length and original publication date. In addition, you can automatically filter images to be used as post thumbnails by a given size (e.g. sort out all source pictures that look too small with your current WordPress theme layout). This tool will save you time - just leave it to CyberSEO Pro and the plugin will do it for you on full autopilot, because robots know no fatigue.

CyberSEO Pro - content filtering

HTML templates with shortcodes

Use your own post templates, titles and excerpts. This tool let's you define a completely unique layout for all the elements of generated posts by means of HTML markup. Define the position of text, media attachments and content contained in XML fields of the content source you import. For example, you are syndicating some RSS feed with text articles and with no media content. Want to look it better for visitors of your site? Just add a special shortcode (you can read about all the template shortcodes in the manual) above or below your post and the plugin will insert there an appropriate YouTube video or an picture from the Google image search results. Yes, with CyberSEO Pro it's that easy.

CyberSEO Pro - post templates

WordPress post properties

Get full control on all WordPress post properties, such custom templates, custom taxonomies, post type, post categories, post tags, post format, post author, publication date, post status and custom fields, which you can add or modify in any way you want. Generate post thumbnails (featured images) on the fly and host them at your own server or hotlink from remote web resources.

CyberSEO Pro - WordPress post properties


CyberSEO Pro has many various settings that allow you to configure the plugin to import almost any content. However, it can be difficult for a new user to understand which options to configure, for example, to import a YouTube RSS feed, a product from Amazon or to generate a post with a video from a Reddit or IGN feed. So the plugin comes with a library of presets that allow to syndicate the common content sources with just a couple of mouse clicks. Moreover, you can extend this library by your own presets to use them in your further campaigns.

CyberSEO Pro - presets

WordPress all posts grabber

By default a WordPress RSS feed contains only the 10 most recent posts. In some cases, however, you need to import all the posts available on a site that runs on WordPress. What do you do in this case, if the RSS feed doesn't already contain them? A special feature of the CyberSEO Pro plugin, called WordPress archive parser easily solve this problem. Simply enable this option in the feed settings of the site you want syndicate from, and the plugin will import all the posts published there for all the times. Consider the fact that a third of all websites on the web run WordPress today.

CyberSEO Pro - WordPress content grabber

XML Sitemap parser

Do you want to import articles from a site that doesn't have an RSS feed for some unknown reason? It's strange to have a site without an RSS feed these days, but it happens. Fortunately, almost any site has a sitemap.xml file, and usually there are several (one for posts, one for pages, one for categories etc). Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In order to syndicate all pages on any site that has a sitemap.xml, you simply have to give that link to CyberSEO Pro, select the "Sitemap XML" preset and the plugin will take care of it in the same way as Google indexes the pages of your own website.

CyberSEO Pro - Sitemap.XML parser

Stealth capabilities and mimicry

Want to become invisible? In this case CyberSEO Pro will provide you with support for anonymous proxy lists, so you can hide your server IP when your site connects to other sites. If that's not enough, you can mimic any HTTP referrer (aka referer spoofing). Our plugin also knows how to fake user agent, so your server can pretend to be a web browser, a Google bot, a feed validator or whatever. How about a possibility to encrypt (cloak) the referral codes in all your affiliate links? Maybe a connection to a remote server requires some specific HTTP headers? Well, that is also possible with CyberSEO Pro.

CyberSEO Pro - blackhat tools

One unified interface for all content sources

Forget about all those plugins that give you different options for each particular content source, which is often disappointing or frustrating. With CyberSEO Pro it doesn't matter which exactly content source you syndicate, whether it's an RSS news feed, a Reddit account, a Telegram account, an arbitrary CSV file, a product list from Amazon, videos from YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo etc - you will always see exactly the same interface with an absolutely identical set of tools and options without exceptions and compromises.

CyberSEO Pro - a single interface for all

Custom PHP snippets

CyberSEO Pro allows you to use your own code snippets to process imported articles in depth and make any manipulations to the content, title and all properties of your WordPress posts. This option gives absolutely unlimited possibilities to anyone familiar with PHP programming. Please note the PHP code snippet examples in the manual.

CyberSEO Pro - custom PHP snippets

Continuous updates and improvements

CyberSEO Pro is not a product that was once written by its developers and then forgotten and abandoned. Our plugin has been constantly updated and improved since 2006. All bugs reported by users are fixed, new features and progressive innovations such as artificial intelligence are added. So CyberSEO Pro always stays at the cutting edge of the modern IT-technology. Check the plugin's changelog and see for yourself that work on the plugin never stops. When you buy CyberSEO Pro, you are buying a live product, not an old abandoned house with ghosts..

CyberSEO Pro - continuous updates and improvements

Large user community and responsive support

The CyberSEO Pro plugin has been on the market since 2006. All this time it is constantly improving and developing, being on the cutting edge of modern technologies. CyberSEO Pro users can always count on fast and responsive support via e-mail, as well as on the official support forum with more than two thousand active members. No single question or a request will go unanswered. If you find a bug or want a new feature added to the plugin, just post it on our forum. Yes, it's that simple! Lifetime support is included in the CyberSEO Pro license.

CyberSEO Pro - fast and responsife support

Haven't made a decision yet?

Feeling frustrated and lacking some features that the CyberSEO Pro plugin is unable to provide you with, or do you find its price too high? Please feel free to compare the above features with any other premium content syndication plugin for WordPress, such as Feedzy RSS Feeds, WP RSS Aggregator, WP Robot, WP All Import Pro, Post Saint and any others. We are not afraid of any competition, so we suggest you to compare CyberSEO Pro with all the alternative solutions and then... welcome back! 😉

CyberSEO Pro - feel free to compare CyberSEP pro with alternative products

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Reviews and Testimonials

Only real reviews and testimonials from actual CyberSEO Pro users

Great plugin with great support!

Rated 5 out of 5

I have been using CyberSEO for almost 5 years: very fast and very efficient plugin and very fast and very efficient support!

Without the need for any code, CyberSEO pro brings great possibilities.

If you need to go further you can insert PHP code to process the feeds or modify the feeds before being processed. This brings endless possibilities!

Avatar for joel.nusbaumer.evearly

Extensive abilities

Rated 5 out of 5

New user. Once I become more experienced with this plugin, it will tremendously serve its purpose. So far it is great. And, yes, the support is greatly appreciated and always fast. Thank you.

Avatar for tebew

Amazing product unlike anything else out there, with great support!

Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve been using versions of this plugin for years and just recently moved to the pro version. The features are unlike anything else available for WordPress out there today, and the support is top-notch! I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you for everything!

Avatar for tdickerson.jammediallc

Oh my gosh! This is just an awesome plugin!

Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve used various plugins before to get content, but this product – just blew my mind! I haven’t seen this kind of functionality in any other plugin!

I’m upgrading to the unlimited version the other day, which I recommend to everyone!

Very fast and friendly support. Respect!

Avatar for support.blackscapolite

I am fully satisfied, thank you

Rated 5 out of 5

always ready and available. whenever I need help I always receive fast and comprehensive answers, even if I have problems translating into Italian. thank you very much

Avatar for cseo561285

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