July 20, 2009

CyberSEO Changelog


  • New Article Forge options added.
  • Post attachment handling improved.
  • Image download routine improved.


  • The parsing log feature added. You can find it at the bottom of “General Settings”.
  • Telegram channels are now supported. Just add a Telegram URL (e.g. https://t.me/durov/) and CyberSEO Pro will recognize it automatically.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.1.


  • Fixed Full-Text RSS post duplicate issue.
  • Minor code improvements.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.1.


  • Auto updates are disabled by default.
  • When text translation is enabled, post tags and categories will be translated as well.
  • Fixed CSV import tab issue in the main content syndicator interface.


  • CyberSEO is now integrated with Article Forge.
  • The Full-Text RSS API interface has been optimized and works much faster now (up to 10x times in some cases).
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.


  • Chinese language is now available in Yandex Translate.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.3.2


  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.3.
  • The “categories” field is now available in the CSV import options.
  • Now it’s possible to override post type via PHP code.


The “Maximum execution time of 9223372036854775807 seconds exceeded” error has been fixed.


  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.2.3
  • The image gallery RSS feed import algorithm improved.
  • The CSV/dump import algorithm improved.


  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.2.2.
  • DeepL Translator support has been added.
  • Fix for “Post date adjustment range” values.


  • The images listed within the scrset attribute can be stored locally now.
  • The usage policy has been changed. Now you receive one year of free updates after the activation date, despite the major version number.


  • Improved media file cleanup on post removal.
  • The “canonical link” option has been added.
  • Auto recognize for CSV files and text dumps has been improved.
  • Post lifetime has been added.
  • If the full-text-rss script is unable to retrieve the full article, post won’t be added.
  • If the plugin will not be able to translate the article via Yandex or Google service, the post won’t be added.
  • The cyberseo_gallery shortcode has been added.
  • The “Image gallery RSS feed” preset has been updated.
  • The %post_excerpt_notags% post template tag has been added.
  • An on_fail attribute has been added to the cyberseo_gallery shortcode.
  • Instagram HTML links are supported.
  • Twitter HTML links are supported.
  • The JSON parser has been improved.
  • The HTTPS support has been improved.
  • Fixed issue with post author names on multi-site.
  • Fixed “Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: String could not be parsed as XML in wp-content\plugins\cyberseo\cyberseo.php”.
  • PHP debug mode added.


  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2.0 and greater.
  • Fixed bug with import of compressed feeds and CSV dumps.
  • Now the plugin automatically fixes some type of broken XML feeds.
  • Warning related to create_function has been removed.
  • Fixed issue with Atom feeds.
  • Images with HTTPS URLs are now supported as gallery sources.
  • The <updated> tag for Atom feeds now parsed as a post date.
  • Constant string values now now can be written to custom fields via “Custom fields” box in the feed settings. E.g.: “My value”->custom_field_name
  • Fixed bug in built-in synonymizer/rewritter.
  • Fixed bug in “Shuffle paragraphs”.
  • Fixed generation of random post thumbnails.
  • Fixed bug in cseo_file_get_contents() when called with a proxy list.
  • Now the plugin is able to store video files locally just like the picture ones.
  • Minor bug fixed.


  • Added auto-update for built-in presets.
  • Fixed bug with custom PHP code execution while full text articles are retrieved.
  • Fixed category sorting bug during custom PHP code execution.
  • Fixed post processing priority issue.
  • Fixed bug in the comma-delimited CSV import function.
  • Improved migration from CyberSyn (the full-text extractor path now changed automatically).
  • The plugin now is fully compatible with PHP 7.2.
  • Reddit preset has been added.
  • JSON and XML feed import has been sufficiently improved/simplified.
  • ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2-archived feeds/CSV files are now supported.
  • Added important text notice to the feed settings page.


  • The https support improved.
  • Post templates added.
  • Fixed JavaScript-related issue at https sites.
  • Added new languages to Yandex Translate.
  • The “date” field added to the CSV dump import form.
  • The image URLs that start with “//” are processed correctly now.
  • The “republish existing posts” option added.
  • The %xml_tags% shortcode and xml_tags array are now available.
  • Fixed the “preg_match(): Unknown modifier” warning message.


  • Fixed issue with post thumbnail generation for enclosed images.
  • Fixed issue with permalinks when the “Link to source” option is enabled.
  • The media attachment handling has been improved.
  • The contents of <media:description> will be used as post excerpt.
  • Audio attachments now supported.
  • Automatic translation via Yandex Translate and Google Translate now available.
  • Fixed issue with “Morphing RSS host mode”.
  • The synonymizer algorithm has been optimized.
  • The dump item shuffle feature now works correctly.
  • Improved integration with SpinnerChief .
  • Fixed issue with the thumbnail field handling in CSV import mode.
  • The full text extraction and translation services have been sufficiently optimized.


  • The “remove links” function now works with attached images.
  • The CSV parser fixed.
  • Generate from the last post image added.
  • Duplicate check/removal feature improved.
  • Featured image generation fixed.
  • The post type is now stored in presets.
  • RSS media attachments of the following types are supported now: mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv, flv.
  • The issue with backslashes in synonym table fixed.
  • <post_tags> and <media:keywords> XML elements now used as post tags.
  • Compatibility with PHP 7 improved.
  • “Shorten post excerpts” option added.
  • The gallery names generation for posts with spun titles has been fixed.
  • The duplicate checking algorithm has been optimized.


  • The IonCube Loader is not required. Since version 7, the plugin is compatible with PHP 5.3.3 and greater.
  • No “lite” editions anymore. Now there is only one edition of CyberSEO and it is unlimited.
  • Optimized code and new improved interface.
  • Autoupdate feature added. Now CyberSEO updates itself automatically.
  • Presets added. This is a very powerful feature which allows one to choose predefined feed settings from the library. So if you want to import some feed as an image gallery, as a tube video, as a full text article etc, do it with a couple of mouse clicks!
  • New full text extraction method. No 3rd-party Web services anymore – all the scripts run at your own host.
  • CSV and text dump imports now supported. Import with ease raw text dumps and Excel-style CSV files into WordPress posts and pages.
  • HTML and JSON sources are also supported now.
  • Correct permalinks for spun (synonymized) post titles were finally implemented.
  • Fixed the known problem with feed edition while plugin is active.
  • The 3rd-party ESpiner spinner service support added.
  • Auto tags generation added.
  • A featured image now can be generated from media attachment thumbnails.
  • The “sanitize content” option added.


  • Important security fix.
  • Improved Featured Image generation.
  • Minor bug fixes.


The “Post format” option has been added.


Fixed issue with WordAi spinner.


Fixed bug causing creation of empty .tmp files in the default WP upload folder.


CyberSEO has been integrated with the WordAi content spinner. It uses artificial intelligence to understand text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer.


  • The “Text with Spintax” option has been added to TheBestSpinner module, which is now able to generate articles in Spintax format. This feature can be used in Morphing RSS Host Mode.
  • Fixed a small bug in the cseo_add_image_to_library function.


  • Fixed bug in the tags generator.
  • Fixed compression issue in the cseo_save_image function.


Fixed issue with insertion of custom headers and custom footers.


  • Fully compatible with WordPress 3.6.1
  • The “Remove links from images only” option now works with attachments.
  • The “User agent” option has been added. It can be used for user agent spoofing.
  • New SpinRewriter 3.0 and SpinnerChief API now supported. Both these spinners now are able to generate articles in Spintax format. This feature can be used in Morphing RSS Host Mode.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


The default user agent header has been removed from HTTP requests. It was causing problems with FeedBurner feeds.


Minor bug fix.


  • The plugin has been integrated with TheBestSpinner – a famous content spinning service.
  • The “Post type” option has been added. Now you can syndicate the feed contents as posts, pages and even custom post types.


Better compatibility with SpinRewriter.


  • The syndicated posts now can be attributed to a random author.
  • A few minor bugs were fixed.


The plugin is now fully compatible with WordPress 3.5.


Fixed issue with processing of <link rel=”alternate” href=”…”> in the Atom feeds.


  • The $post[‘custom_fields_attr’] array variable is now available for the custom PHP code.
  • Improved handling of RSS image attachments. More attachment formats are supported now.
  • Fixed “400 Error” in the SpinChimp module.
  • The new “Generate from random post image” featured image creation method was added.


  • CyberSEO is now integrated with SpinRewriter and SpinChimp article spinners.
  • Fixed parsing of <flv_embed> blocks in video XML feeds (TubeAce format).
  • The “tag protect” SpinnerChief option added.
  • The SpinnerChief account status information added.


  • Custom-defined function execution in the “Extract full articles” mode has been fixed.
  • The “Protect Words” option for SpinnerChief fixed.
  • The “Function split() is deprecated” message fixed.


The “Protect Words” option for SpinnerChief fixed.


The “Parse WordPress archives” algorithm has been improved.


The cseo_add_image_to_library API function added. Use it to add images into the post gallery. E.g.:
cseo_add_image_to_library(‘http://www.some_site.com/some_image.jpg’, ‘p


  • The “Link to source” option added (note the “Runtime Tools” menu).
  • All known bugs fixed.


  • CyberSEO is now integrated with SpinnerChief – a powerful content spinner (synonymizer) which uses revolutionary Thesaurus Exchange System that provides you with high-quality thesauruses created by experts, for foreign languages and specialist niches. In order to use it with CyberSEO, you need to have a SpinnerChief account. If you don’t have one yet, click here to register. It’s absolutely free!
  • The “Extract Full Articles” algorithm performance has been sufficiently improved.
  • The obsolete “Image Cloaking Mode” has been finally removed.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.


  • Automatic full article extractor. Starting from version 6, the CyberSEO plugin is able to automatically extract full-text articles from shortened RSS feeds using special service provided by our partners from WM Utils. So if you are going to use this new feature, please make sure to test your shortened RSS feeds here to see how it works. Before to syndicate the generated full-text feeds into your blogs, you must get a written permission from the original content owners. Do not steal the copyrighted content. Otherwise you are risking legal action.
  • Proxy support. CyberSEO will use your proxy-list to access all internal URL’s. The proxies are usually used to parse those services that do not allow frequent connections from the same IP’s.
  • The CyberSEO plugin version 6 has acquired a brand new auto commenting tool, which allows to automatically post comments using user-defined content and random names.
  • The synonymizing algorithm has been fully rewritten and optimized. Now it works faster and uses more than 2 times less memory.


Fixed bug with “Spintax format” option switch.


  • Now the auto RSS pull mode works via WordPress built-in pseudo cron. The pseudo cron will trigger when someone visits your WordPress site, if the scheduled time has passed after a specified period.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.


Critical bug fix for auto RSS pull mode.


  • Fixed problem with duplicated posts in autoupdate mode.
  • PHP coders, now you can assign additional tags to the syndicating posts via the $post[‘tags_input’] variable. E.g.:
    $post[‘tags_input’] = array(‘tag1’, ‘tag2’, tag3);


  • The “Shuffle feed items” option has been added. Use it to shuffle the XML/RSS contents to make the posts be added in a random order. This function requires additional server resources, so use it wisely.
  • Now the URL’s of syndicated feeds can be altered.
  • The CyberSEO UI has been slightly improved.


Quick post headers and footers fix (find more info here).


  • Now it’s possible to enable/disable post headers and footers in the excerpts (disabled by default).
  • The “Last update” column has been added to the list of syndicated feeds.
  • The “Shuffle paragraphs” function fixed.


  • The “Generate missing post thumbnails” function added (note the “Tools” section).
  • The post thumbnails now can be generated from the image which URL is located in the “thumb” custom field.
  • The rewriting syntax has been extended, now if you need to delete a given keyword from the syndicating content, you can use the following rules:

    Find more information here.

  • The internal file handling has been sufficiently improved. Now the status of safe_mode and allow_url_fopen PHP variables is not important in case if the PHP cURL extension is installed.
  • If the post gets deleted, the attached images (post thumbnails) are get deleted too.
  • If the post gets deleted, the locally stored images get deleted too.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


The “Generate from the ‘thumb’ custom field” option has been added to extend the post thumbnail generator funcionality.


  • Now CyberSEO can automatically generate post thumbnails (also known as featured images) from the syndicating post content. Demo.
  • A few minor bugs fixed.

IMPORTANT! This version of CyberSEO Suite requires IonCube Loader v4.0.10 or higher. Please update yours, otherwise CyberSEO will crash!


Fixed bug in the “Post links handling” routine.


Added possibility to display custom fields as XML tags in the blog’s RSS feed (Morphing Host Mode only). To enable this function, simple add the following variable to your feed’s URL: custom_tags=custom_field_name1[,custom_field_name1,…]

For example, if your WordPress posts have views and thumb custom fields, you can display them as tags in the RSS feed using this URL: http://www.yourblog.com/feed/?custom_tags=views,thumb


  • The “Apply These Modifications To All Existing Posts” operation now applies to all types of posts except drafts.
  • Remove links from images only option added.
  • Fixed problem with local storage of images that have the “?” symbol in their names.
  • Fixed false warning message which says: “Your wp-content/uploads folder is not writable”.
  • Now you can assign an individual author (an registered WordPress user) to every syndicating thread.


System-checking function added.


Fixed bug affecting the auto RSS pull mode.


The $post[‘comments’] field was added to the $post array. Every item of the $post[‘comments’] field is in array must contain information of the comment in the WordPress format. Please refer the wp_insert_comment WordPress API function for the detailed description.


  • The default content spinning syntax has been changed to {..|..}*. However you are still able to choose one of the following: [[..|..]], [..|..], {{..|..}}, {..|..}.
  • The Morphing RSS Host Mode (Feed Spinner) now supports nested syntax of unlimited depth. Here is an example of nested syntax use: “{{It was|Today is} a usual {day|morning}|This night was {dark and {cold|scary}|warm and the {road|trail|path} was moonlited}}.”*
  • All the limitations in WP MU and Multisite modes are removed by default. So if you want to limit some operations, please do it by means of the cyberseo-mu-setting.php file.*

* CyberSEO Suite edition only.


  • All images uploaded to the server from syndicated posts (when “Store Images Locally” option is enabled) now get removed when the appropriated posts deleted by the blog administrator.
  • Starting from version 5.02, CyberSEO plugin is available in Suite and Lite editions. The lite edition has all features for the CyberSEO Suite except the Morphing RSS Host module.


  • Fixed problem with the “Alter default settings” button.
  • Added new algorithm to the “Duplicate Post Finder” module.


  • Starting from this release, the CyberSEO Suite finally becomes 100% compatible with UTF-8. Henceforth it allows to work with any national character sets.
  • The “Feed Import/Export” function has been added. You can select and export your syndicated feed settings into a file and then import them to another blog.
  • The synonym table syntax has been extended. Now it’s possible to create case-insensitive rewrite rules which affects text only and preserve the HTML code (links, tags etc).
  • The new “Global Post Modification Tools” feature allows to process existing posts in WP database. For example, it’s possible to re-synonymize all previously added posts, or apply to them your own PHP code.
  • The synonymizing algorithm has been sufficiently optimized.
  • Added new option “XML section tag names” which allows to define custom XML section names for parsing. This feature allows to parse almost any XML feeds.
  • Added new option “Post links handling” which allows to remove links from syndicating posts (from text only or from both text and images).
  • Fixed bug which was causing problems with the “publish_post” action execution after automatic syndication of a new post.
  • Default settings have been removed from the “XML Syndicator” page. Use the “Alter default settings” button instead.
  • The heuristic search algorithm of the duplicate post finder module has been improved.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.


  • The price of single blog license has been dropped to $19.99!
  • Fixed bugs in the cseo_must_be_binary() and cseo_store_image() API functions;
  • Fixed bug in the fixed “hide images” mode;
  • Fixed bug which was causing the incorrect post excerpts generation for syndicated posts;
  • CXXX_ALLOW_UPGRADE constant has been added. Use it to enable one-click version upgrade in WPMU and WordPress Multisite;
  • Important update: the WPMU/Multisite configuration file has been changed to cyberseo-mu-setting.php. Make sure you have renamed your cyberseo-mu-setting.inc files into cyberseo-mu-setting.php ones!


  • Fixed issue with synonymizing of post titles;
  • Added CXXX_ALLOW_PATH_CLOAKING – a Boolean constant which allows one to enable or disable the availability of the “Image Cloaking” mode.


Fixed issue with incorrect handling of 301 (Moved Permanently) error when syndicating some XML feeds.


The cseo_store_image function now able to rescale the image. The extended function format is following:
cseo_store_image (string $custom_field [, string $preferred_name = “”, string $width = 0, string $height = 0, string $compression = 0] );
The $width and $height parameters can be presented as integer values in pixels, or as percents (e.g. “50%”).


Starting from version 4.90, the CyberSEO Suite license is available in two (single blog and unlimited) variants.


The following API functions are now available for use in custom PHP code:

  • cseo_store_image (string $custom_field [, string $preferred_name = “”]) – schedules the image url stored in a given custom file for caching on the local server. This function must be used instead of cseo_save_image to avoid image file duplication (see examples);
  • cseo_must_be_binary (string $filename) – this function is very useful to check the existence of a remote file. If the given file is not binary (e.g. a 404 page instead of picture), the post will not be syndicated.


Improved compatibility with the WordPress Multisite mode.


  • Fixed issue with the “Create new categories defined in syndicating post” option when parsing XML files in Smart Tube and Tube Ace formats.
  • Now values of the $post [‘custom_fields’] array may contain strings or arrays, depending on feed content.


  • The image caching function sufficiently improved.
  • The following API functions are now available for use in custom PHP code:
    mixed cseo_file_get_contents (string $url [, boolean $as_array = false] ) – reads entire file into a string or array;
    string cseo_save_image (string $image_url [, string $preferred_name = “”] ) – saves the remote image locally and return its new URL.


  • Added “Store Images Locally” option. If enabled, all images from the syndicating feeds will be copied into the default uploads folder of the blog. Make sure that your “/wp-content/uploads” folder is writable.
  • Added “Don’t Morph Titles” option. Enable it to preserve the syndicating post tittles from morphing.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.


  • Added “Morphing Syntax Rules” option. Now you can select the syntax rules for your posts in Morphing RSS Host Mode. Following rules are available: [[..|..]], [..|..], {{..|..}}, {..|..}
  • Improved RSS syndication speed.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.


  • Added “Parse WordPress archives” option. As you know, all the WordPress blogs have RSS feeds that you can pull to your own blogs. However, there are usually only few recent posts available in an average RSS feed generated by WordPress (usually only the last 10 posts only) Now the built-in CyberSEO RSS syndicator is able to import all posts available on any WordPress blog regardless of how many posts are available in the RSS Feed. The CyberSEO Suite will parse through the WordPress archives and will discover and aggregate every single post available there – doesn’t matter now many years the blog runs and how many thousands of posts is contains!
  • Added “PHP Code” field. Now the advanced users gain almost unlimited control on every aggregating posts. Use your own code to modify the aggregating post’s title, content, excerpt, GUID, date etc.
  • Starting from version 4.70, the CyberSEO Suite is able to syndicate RSS feeds with media attachments (note new “Insert Media Attachments” option) The following types of attachments are supported: <media:content>, <media:thumbnail> and <enclosure> (type “image” only) All the aggregated images will be enclosed into the <img> tag.
  • The plugin’s UI has been redesigned in WordPress 2.5+ style.
  • Sufficiently increased average speed of syndicating module.


Now CyberSEO Suite is available for both WordPress and WordPress MU platforms. So now you can obtain the WordPress MU license which will allow you to use CyberSEO Suite as a syndicating/morphing engine for your free blog hosts powered by WordPress MU.