October 4, 2016

Custom Prestes

The CyberSEO plugin comes with a set of built-in presets. The built-in presets are available right after the plugin’s activation. They are intended to help inexperienced webmasters to get started with CyberSEO. However there always will be some specific tasks and content sources . These custom presets will be published in this section. To add new custom presets to the library, simply download the appropriate package and uznip its contents into your /wp_content/plugins/cyberseo/presets/ folder.

Adult Tube Presets Package

Preset name Sample feed URL
Brazzers XML feed http://feeds.brazzers.com/?id=352
Nuvid and Drtuber RSS feeds http://www.nuvid.com/?show=rss
Pornhub RSS feed http://www.pornhub.com/video/webmasterss
RedTube XML feed http://api.redtube.com/?data=redtube.Videos.searchVideos&output=xml&search=hard&tags[]=Teen&thumbsize=all
Tnaflix JSON feed https://www.tnaflix.com/ajax/link_exporter.php?task=getfile&hash=0398e4ec054b038b9a5da7c485271788
xHamster RSS feed http://partners.xhamster.com/2export.php?ch=.82&pr=3&tmb=3&tcnt=1&rt=4&url=off&ttl=on&chs=on&sz=on&dt=on&dlm=%7C&fr=1
xVideos RSS feed http://www.xvideos.com/rss/rss.xml
YouPorn RSS feed http://www.youporn.com/rss/
GotPorn RSS feed http://webmasters.gotporn.com/dump.php?type=video&orientation=all&amount=50&thumbSize=320×240&thumbAmount=10&orderBy=activated_at&minRating=0&format=rss&period=all&showVideoId=on&showTitle=on&showDuration=on&showCategories=on&showTags=on

Download Adult Tube Presets

Use the same login and password as the ones you have used to download the CyberSEO plugin.