The CyberSEO plugin

What’s new in version 7

  • No IonCube anymore! Since version 7, CyberSEO works fine with PHP 5.5 and greater.
  • Optimized code and new improved interface.
  • Autoupdate option added. Now CyberSEO will updates itself automatically.
  • Presets added. This is a very powerful feature which allow to choose feed settings from the library. So if you want to import some feed as image gallery or as a tube video embed, you can do it in a couple of mouse clicks!
  • New full text extraction algorithm. No 3rd-party Web services anymore.
  • CSV and text dump import now supported. Now you can easily import any type of content (texts, images, videos etc) from raw text dumps and Excel-style CSV files.
  • HTML and JSON sources are also accepted now.
  • Correct permalinks for spun (synonimized) post titles were finally implemented.
  • Fixed the knows problem with altering of feed settings while plugin is active.
  • ESpiner support added to spin posts in Spanish.
  • Auto tags generation added.
  • A featured image now can be generated from media attachment thumbnails.
  • The sanitize content option added.

Introduction in content automation

The main slogan of Google now sounds like: “make sites for real people”. If you got it right, you already know how to make a quality self-populating sites which won’t be penalized by Google.

In the post-Panda era Google does not care too much about your content (how big your articles are, how many keywords there etc). The most important factor is your visitors’ behavior. If your visitors love your site then Google will automatically consider it “as made for real people” depending on on various behavioral factors like bounce rate, on site time, depth of browsing, % of bookmarkers, etc.

Thus the most important thing is to make the surfers stay at your site longer and come back again and again.

Just a year ago it was a common practice to order a bunch of “unique” but boring and useless articles from 3rd-world copywriters and post them to a poor-looking blog with some boring or even default design. Now this won’t fly because such sort of sites will have an off-scale bounce rate, and of course they will be penalized by Google as a low quality one.

On the other hand, a well-designed self-populating site which syndicates quality and properly sorted content such as images, videos, online games etc, will catch the surfers for a long time. In such a case the search engines won’t care if your content is “unique” or not. Because if the visitors love your site then it’s “made for the real people“. Yes, it is that simply!

The CyberSEO plugin is equipped with the most powerful built-in content aggregator, which works in a similar way as other popular feed-pulling plugins, however it has the following additional features:

  • The plugin is able to parse all known RSS, Atom and XML feeds such as regular blog-style RSS, Ebay feeds, XML Shop feeds, YouTube feeds, Yahoo Answers feeds, Yahoo News feeds, Google BlogSerach feeds, XML tube feeds (SmartScripts and TubeAce formats), Flickr and many-many more. Plus to that it is able to import content form CSV tables, raw text dumps, HTML documents and JSON files.
  • The XML/RSS parsing algorithm has an ability to pull the feeds fully automatically. Furthermore, you can assign the updating period to each particular feed. Also you can set up a maximum number of posts that will be syndicated from the feed at once. This is a very useful feature for SE optimization of your blogs, because search engines don’t like blogs that add 100 or more posts in a moment.
  • Automatic full article extractor. Starting from version 6, the CyberSEO plugin is able to automatically extract full-text articles from shortened RSS feeds. If you are going to use this feature, please make sure to test your shortened RSS feeds here to see how it works for you. Before to syndicate the generated full-text feeds into your blogs, you must get a written permission from the original content owners. Do not steal the copyrighted content. Otherwise you are risking legal action.
  • CyberSEO 6 is integrated with WordAi, TheBestSpinner, SpinnerChief, SpinRewriter, SpinChimp, ESpiner – the powerful 3rd-party content spinning services.
  • Proxy support. CyberSEO will use your proxy-list to access all internal URL’s. The proxies are usually used to parse those services that do not allow frequent connections from the same IP’s.
  • The CyberSEO plugin version 6 has acquired a brand new auto commenting tool, which allows to automatically post comments using user-defined content and random names.
  • The unique “Parse WordPress archives” function allows one to syndicate all the published posts from ANY other WordPress blog with a single click.
  • The CyberSEO XML/RSS Feed Syndicator has no problem with syndicating the embedded media content such as tube videos etc.
  • You can spin (synonymize and rewrite) every syndicated post, shuffle its paragraphs, add any random HTML blocks as headers and footers.
  • You can hotlink images from the syndicated posts or store (cache) them on your server. This feature allows to bypass hotlink protection, hide the image source URL and improve performance of the blog.
  • Adjustable post unique identification by GUID, post name or both.
  • Automatic generation of featured images (post thumbnails).
  • The CyberSEO XML/RSS Feed Syndicator includes a smart pinging algorithm which won’t send out 100’s of pings if you are pulling many feeds at once. Also it won’t ping those posts that were scheduled for a future but not yet appear at your blog. And even more, only new posts will be pinged. Thus is you modify and save the existing post, the ping will not be sent. These measures will prevent your blog from being banned for a so-called ping spamming.
  • The CyberSEO plugin allows one to run a full-featured automatically updating TUBE site.
  • The CyberSEO plugin allows the PHP programmers to write their own scripts to alter the syndicating content. With this feature the blog owner gains almost absolute power on syndicating content!



The standard package includes the following:

  • The CyberSEO plugin
  • Free updates within a major version (i.e. the first digit in the version number)
  • Free lifetime support

System requirements

  • PHP 5.2.x or greater
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • PHP mbstring extension
  • PHP GD extension
  • PHP cURL extension (recommended)
  • PHP Zlib extension (recommended)
  • PHP variable safe_mode must be disabled (if cURL is not installed)
  • PHP variable allow_url_fopen must be enabled (if cURL is not installed)
  • Access to cron on server (recommended)

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