April 21, 2017

Premium Plugins


CyberSEO Pro

CyberSEO Pro Plugin
CyberSEO Pro is a professional news aggregator, content curation and autoblogging plugin for WordPress. It allows you to run top-notch sites of any concept (news digests, blogs, marketplaces, tubes, livecam hubs, image gallery sites, pinboards etc) and automatically populate them with a fresh content from RSS, XML and JSON feeds, CSV and raw text dumps. Build your own Web empire and let CyberSEO Pro run it 24/7 on full autopilot!


Gallery Magic Pro

Galley Magic Plugin
The Galley Magic plugin for WordPress automatically parses remote HTML pages and finds the image galleries, copies all full-sized images to a local host, crops the thumbnails and inserts them into your posts or pages as WP galleries. The plugin is very easy to use and it works in both manual and batch import modes. You can use the Gallery Magic plugin right in the visual editor or you can use it to mass import galleries form a raw text dump or a CSV file.


KVS Player Pro

KVS Player Pro PluginThe KVS Player Pro plugin allows you to embed streaming videos into WordPress-powered sites, using the famous Kernel Video Player by Kernel Video Sharing team. The player supports many advertising slots: pre-roll and post-roll ads, on-pause and on-stop ads, floating ads and more. The Kernel Video Player is absolutely free to use for any purposes!