Use OpenAI GPT to sell Amazon products on your website

If you promote products from online marketplaces, then you are certainly interested in unique text descriptions for them. Writing them yourself is a difficult task, especially if you have not just one website but a whole network.

Of course you can use content rewrite services, but they will not create you a truly unique content. The ad should not just be rewritten, but written from scratch, based on the product information provided by the seller. Artificial intelligence, which will analyze the characteristics of the product and write a new, unique ad based on them, is the best way to accomplish this task. In this article we will consider how to set up import from and how to use OpenAI GPT with CyberSEO Pro plugin.

In order to add an Amazon product feed, simply enter the link of the product search page you want in the “RSS/XML/JSON/CSV source” field of the CyberSEO Pro Content Syndicator and select the “Amazon product search page” preset from the drop-down list below. The link format is as follows:


Now just switch to the “AI article generation” tag and select “GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K”. Here you should leave the “Post title assignment” field blank, to leave the original product name unchanged. We don’t want to rewrite it, right?

In the “Article assignments” field, enter your assignment for the OpenAI GPT. In the example shown in the video, the following assignment was used:

write a four paragraph product advertisement for:
%post_title% – %post_content%

This does not mean that the above assignment is the most correct, much less ideal. The more creative your task is, the more interesting and varied the text of the generated ads will be. Be creative and don’t forget that you can use Spintax to make yours randomly modifiable.

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