API request limit

CyberSEO Pro API request limit

In the previous article titled “Be careful with content filtering and paid 3rd-party services“, we discussed how to avoid overpaying for inefficient requests made by the CyberSEO Pro plugin to paid services such as OpenAI GPT API and Article Forge. While we provided recommendations on how to avoid such overpayments, we understand that sometimes it’s not enough. As a result, requests for an automated feature to limit the number of requests made to third-party services appeared in CyberSEO Pro support forum.

After deliberating on the various ways to implement this feature, we decided to implement hourly, daily and monthly limits on the number of requests made to each third-party service. This limit is designed to prevent any unnecessary overpayments, and it is enforced by the CyberSEO Pro plugin. This means that once the limit has been reached, the plugin will not allow any additional requests to be made until the next period of time.

To set these limits, navigate to the “Accounts” settings panel and select the maximum number of requests that the plugin can make to third-party APIs per hour, day or month.

CyberSEO Pro "Accounts" page

This feature is global, which means that it takes into account the total number of requests made by the plugin, regardless of which module is being used. For instance, if the plugin makes multiple requests to the OpenAI GPT API while creating or rewriting posts, as well as generating comments, all these requests will be combined, and the total number will never exceed the limit you have set.

If you don’t want to limit the number of requests, you can set the limit to zero (0).

We hope that you find this feature useful and that it saves you from unnecessary financial expenses. With this feature in place, you can continue to use third-party services while being more aware of the costs incurred.