The price has been reduced!

The price on CyberSEO 7 unlimited domain license has been reduced and now you can order it for only $99.95.

The price of upgrade from CyberSEO ver. 5 and 6 to CyberSEO 7 is $49.95 now.

How Absolutely Anyone Can Use Spinning To Make $50/hour in 2017

Most guides you see talking about article spinning are solely focused on creating huge amounts of content to help better rank your sites. While SEO is a great use for an article spinner, there are many methods that barely anyone has thought to use. These hidden gems are lucrative and will give you the edge you need to make some serious money.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to talk about one of those methods today. It’s simple to do and doesn’t require any SEO, or really any expertise. All you need are basic English skills and the willingness to actually put in the time. You may be very skeptical of any story about making $50/hour without specialized skills. I can assure you (I double checked the math and even included video proof) for every hour you devote completely to this process, you can be making $50/hour, or more. If you operate inefficiently, you can expect to make less, but if you streamline your process completely, you could be making closer to $100/hour.

Even if you work half as fast or half as much as I do you would still be making $25/hour. That might not be the “get stupidly rich” money you’ve heard about, but that is pretty damn good for a job that requires no special skills. And if you want “get stupidly rich” money, this will still work for you. Why? Because, as you’ll see later in this post, you can pay other people to do this for $10/hour, sell their work for $50/hour, and keep the $40/hour profit for yourself without having to do any work!

There has got to be a catch!

That’s the best part, there is no catch! You are just an extremely efficient content writer. Still don’t believe me? Let me address the reasons you’re not navigating to the nearest article spinner at this very moment. I’ll start with the most obvious one:

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Reddit preset has been added

Now you can import Reddit RSS feeds in two mouse clicks:

Select this preset to import RSS feeds from This preset automatically generates the post thumbnail (featured image).

The basic feed format:<channel name>/.rss

The feed example:

The preset supports both image and video content.

WordAi version 4 is now live

I’m about to show you something that I thought was impossible before today…  A spinner that automatically produces human quality content.

When I say human quality I am not referring to low quality garbage that will get you penalized by Google or content that you have to spend hours manually proofreading.

I am talking about a spinner that is able to take any article and turn it into hundreds of high quality variations that look human written and will rank your websites. Don’t believe me?

You may already know of WordAi – if you don’t let me tell you that it is the only spinner that uses real artificial intelligence to automatically generate high quality content.

However something very important is happening. WordAi just released a brand new Version 4 – and it is able to do something absolutely incredible.

Before I go into more details, I want to talk about… the brain.

The human brain is composed of these crazy things called neurons, which allow humans to learn and adapt. They help us learn to do things like walk, but also help us learn to do things like write high quality content!

With 5 years of combined research WordAi has just finished creating a 20 server supercomputer brain, powered by virtual neurons that are able to learn just like a human does. This brain has spent the past year learning from billions of articles, perfecting the English language.

This means that this brain is capable of reading, understanding, and writing text the exact same way that a human does – which means your automated content looks like it was written by a human!

To truly understand the power of this technology you need to try it out yourself. And during this launch you can, for free.

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Linking gallery images to a sponsor

Some customers are asking me on how to link the gallery images to a sponsor (affiliate program URL). Actually this is very easy, but requires a slight modification of your WordPress theme.

Let’s consider that CyberSEO plugin pulls some sponsor FHG feed or parses a CSV dump with links to image galleries. The plugin generates WordPress posts with galleries and puts your affiliate link into the “paysite” custom field.

So if you want to link every full-sized gallery image (not a small thumbnail) to your affiliate link, you should open your attachment.php template and find there a line like this:

<a href="<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url(); ?>"><img src="<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url(); ?>" alt="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" /></a>

now just modify it as follows and save the template:

<a href="<?php echo get_post_meta(wp_get_post_parent_id(get_the_ID()), "paysite", true); ?>" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url(); ?>" alt="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" /></a>

Vualà: now all your gallery images are linked to your sponsor’s site with your own affiliate code of course ;)

If you want to link the gallery images to some static URL (, you should do it like this:

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url(); ?>" alt="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" /></a>

Post templates

Since version 7.021, the CyberSEO plugin allows one to define HTML templates for post title, post content and post excerpt. You can use these text boxes to define the layout and contents of the posts, generated by CyberSEO. The following predefined tags are available:

%post_title% – post title;
%post_content% – post content;
%post_excerpt% – post excerpt;
%link% – a link to source;
%post_guid% – post GUID;
%media_description% – post media description (if media attachments are included);
%enclosure_url% – the enclosure URL (if attachment enclosure is included);
%custom_fields[name]% – a custom field value, where name must be replaced with the actual custom field name;
%custom_fields_attr[name][attr]% – a custom field attribute, where name must be replaced by the actual custom field name and attr must be replaced by the XML attribute name;
%media_thumbnail[n]% – a link to the media thumbnail where n is its integer index (if media attachments are included).

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