Version 8.044 changes

“Keep downloaded images” option added to “General Settings” menu. It keeps all the downloaded images and videos when a post is permanently deleted on “Empty Trash” or when the before_delete_post WordPress hook is triggered.

Version 8.039 changes

  • Fixed a text direction problem when the CSS “direction” property is explicitly defined in the feed.

Version 8.037 changes

  • The %params[name]% array variable now available for post templates.
  • The cseo_shorten_html API function added:
    cseo_shorten_html(string $text, int $max_length = 0, string $ending = '...', bool $exact = false) : string
    The function shortens the given text and preserves the HTML tags.
    $text – a HTML-formatted text to short.
    $max_length – max length of shortened text in text characters.
    $ending – a string suffix which will be added to the shortened text.
    $exact – should the text be cut off at the exact length or the whole last word must be preserved.
  • Local image storage and post thumbnail generation routines improved.