Version 8.014 changes

A new “Disable JSON section name detection” option has been added to the “Advanced” feed settings. This option allows you to disable the built-in sophisticated detection of JSON section names. And forces to plugin to use only the section names, specified in the “XML section names” box. How can it be useful? Let’s take a
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Version 7.058 changes

Instagram HTML links are supported. Example: Twitter HTML links are supported. Example: JSON parser has been improved.    

Version 7.040 changes

Since version 7.040 the plugin is able to automatically recognize the internal structure of XML feeds. Also now you can import GZIP-archived and BZIP2-archived feeds (XML, JSON) and CSV files. The plugin will unpack them on the fly.

Version 7.039 changes

Since version¬†7.039 you don’t need to alter any setting or do other preparations to import a JSON feed of any format. Just add the link and the plugin will do the rest of the job – it will recognize the internal structure (any), will parse it and format it for you automatically. Also there is
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