Version 8.008 changes

When text translation is enabled, post tags and categories will be translated as well. Fixed CSV import tab issue in the main content syndicator interface.

Version 8.004 changes

Fully compatible with WordPress 5.3. The “categories” field is now available in the CSV import options. Now it’s possible to override post type via PHP code.

Version 8.002 changes

Fully compatible with WordPress 5.2.3 The image gallery RSS feed import algorithm improved. The CSV/dump import algorithm improved.

Version 7.061 changes

WPML support added. The “sort feed sources” option added. TAB-separated CSV dumps now supported.

Version 7.052 changes

Auto recognize function for CSV files and text dumps has been improved. The Ebay preset has been updated. Now expired deals get automatically removed from the WordPress database. The “post lifetime” option has been added. Now you can set the period of time in hours after which the post will be deleted. This feature is
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Version 7.040 changes

Since version 7.040 the plugin is able to automatically recognize the internal structure of XML feeds. Also now you can import GZIP-archived and BZIP2-archived feeds (XML, JSON) and CSV files. The plugin will unpack them on the fly.

Version 7.039 changes

Since version¬†7.039 you don’t need to alter any setting or do other preparations to import a JSON feed of any format. Just add the link and the plugin will do the rest of the job – it will recognize the internal structure (any), will parse it and format it for you automatically. Also there is
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