Halloween discounts

Get advance of the 20% off discount offer for CyberSEO Pro (both new license and upgrade). Coupon code: HALLOWEEN. The offer is valid till November 1st.

Late summer discount

A traditional late summer 25% discount is on the run. Save $50 on a new CyberSEO Pro purchase and $25 on upgrade from previous versions!

Summer discounts

Don’t miss the regular Summer discount on CyberSEO Pro unlimited domain license. Now you can buy it for only $99.95 and upgrade your old copy of the plugin from version 6 and 7 to version 8 for only $49.5.

The price has been reduced!

The price on CyberSEO 7 unlimited domain license has been reduced and now you can order it for only $99.95. The price of upgrade from CyberSEO ver. 5 and 6 to CyberSEO 7 is $49.95 now.