Use AI to generate human face images

Sometimes you want to take a picture of a random human and include it into a syndicated article. You want to have a new and absolutely unique face for every post and you don’t want to be sued for using of real people’s photos w/o their permission. Is there a way to achieve the result and avoid both mentioned problems?

Yes, there is a solution and its name is AI. Perhaps you already heard about Here is how you can use it with CyberSEO.

1) Open the feed settings and click the “Advanced” tab.

2) Find the “PHP code <?php .. ?>” box and put there the following code:

if (!cseo_post_exists($post)) { 
    $post['post_content'] = '<p><img src="' . cseo_save_image('', $post['post_title']). '"></p>' . $post['post_content']; 
} else { 
    $post = false; 

3) Save the settings.

Now a picture of an unique random and nonexistent human face will be inserted into every syndicated post. The code above puts it at the top of each article. You can modify it to place the image wherever you want.

An important notice: the generated faces have random sex (male or female), race (Caucasian, Aaisn etc) and age (children or adults).