If something went wrong

If there was some error during the installation/update of CyberSEO Pro and your site just crashes every time you are trying to open it, you should recover the code. Here is the instruction.

  1. Delete the cyberseo.pro file from the /wp-content/plugins/cyberseo/ directory of your website.
  2. Download the recovery script from here.
  3. Extract the recover-cseo.php file and upload it to the root folder of your website (the same folder where wp-config.php is located).
  4. Open the script in the browser. E.g. https://mysite.com/recover-cseo.php where mysite.com must be replaced with the actual domain name.
  5. You should see the following message: “Recovering CyberSEO Pro…Done.”
  6. Upload the cyberseo.pro file back to the /wp-content/plugins/cyberseo/ directory of your website.
  7. Important: Remove recover-cseo.php from your server.
  8. Go to your WordPress control panel and reactivate CyberSEO Pro.

You can also use this procedure, except points #1 and #6, to reset your registration info for CyberSEO Pro versions prior 10.000.