The “Auto-comments” tool gets a second breath

CyberSEO Pro ver. 9.019 brings a new experimental RSS auto-comments feature, which literally gives a second breath to SEO of your site.

Some CyberSEO Pro users get confused with the name of this feature and think it somehow related with so-called comment spam in blogs, when blackhat “optimizers” post random comments on other blog websites to promote their own sites, goods or services. Usually they do it with a use of various automatized tools like Scrapebox.

The “Auto-comments” tool, provided by CyberSEO Pro has nothing in common with a 3rd-party blog spamming. It’s a way to bring more content to your own posts. The tool randomly posts comments to already existing posts at your WordPress-powered site and allows you to increase the SEO weight of your site due to the growth of text content. It lets you almost organically expand your syndicated articles with additional text comments that contain targeting keywords or links to other resources.

Right now the CyberSEO Pro plugin provides two basic methods to automatically generate post comments at your site. Let’s call these methods a whitehat and a grayhat ones. So what is a difference and how to use them?

Whitehat auto-comments

This method is provided by CyberSEO Pro since version 6 and allows you to define your own lists of pre-written comments in HTML format. The only thing you need to do to start using this method is to click “Create new campaign” button, paste your your auto-comment list (one comment per line) into the “Comments” box, select post categories, suitable for your auto-comment campaign and assign the probability percent. For example, if you want to generate comments for a random post with a probability 1:10, set this value to 10. In this case when then some post of the chosen category will be opened in someone’s browser, it will automatically receive your per-written comment with a given probability chance.

Once posted, the comment is being removed from the list. CyberSEO Pro does it to avoid a comment duplication problem. Thus you have to check your auto-comments companies form a time to time and refuel your comment lists when necessary.

I called this method whitehat, because the plugin posts your own comments to your own posts and it doesn’t use any shady in SEO methods.

Greyhat auto-comments

This method is available since CyberSEO Pro version 9.019 and I call it greyhat, because it allows you to post comments from other websites written by other people. Thus in SEO terms it’s very similar to autoblogging when you the content is not written by you, but taken from public RSS feeds.

The the meaning of this method is simple and is to use various comment RSS feeds, provided by other websites. The picture below shows an example of an RSS feed based auto-comments source. In fact, you can use any RSS or Atom feed there. So it can be a regular blog feed, a marketplace product feed etc.

Both described above methods use random fake names from the list, which you can modify on the CyberSEO Pro Auto-comments page.

Auto-comments with OpenAI GPT

Now a few words about the most important addition. Starting with version 10.037, the CyberSEO Pro plugin allows you to automatically generate WordPress comments without using any third-party content sources, like pre-written text lists or RSS feeds. The plugin can now fully generate auto-comments using OpenAI GPT.