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📡 2 Azure | Your guide 2 Azure! RSS feed

My name is Cor den Boer. I am a Certified Microsoft Azure Architect and I work as an Technical Lead / Architect at Proxsys in Gorinchem the Netherlands. On a daily basis I am advising businesses to move to a modern way of working in the public clouds, specifically on Azure and office 365. I'dd like to help companies to improve IT to the level where IT is supporting their business.

URL: https://www.2azure.nl/feed/ 📑



Hello Everyone! Welcome to my personal blog about everything that Microsoft's Azure has to offer. My name is Mohammad Al Rousan. I'm a Solution Architect at DiyarUnited Company. I want to give you insights into Azure Services with relevant information and some of my personal experiences

URL: https://www.azure-heros.com/1/feed 📑


📡 Aidan Finn, IT Pro RSS feed

Aidan Finn, MVP, has been working in IT since 1996. He has worked as a consultant and administrator for the likes of Amdahl DMR, Fujitsu, Barclays and Hypo Real Estate Bank International where he dealt with large and complex IT infrastructures. This blog covers Azure, Hyper-V, Windows Server, desktop, systems management, deployment, and so on.

URL: https://aidanfinn.com/?feed=rss2 📑


📡 Ashish Sharma RSS feed

Blog of Ashish Sharma - Focusing on Cloud Computing IAAS, PAAS and SAAS especially MS Azure, SQL Databases, Docker, Kubernetes, PowerShell and Sitecore. Ashish started writing blogs in 2018 and since then actively contributing to Microsoft Azure community by giving free consultations and guidance.

URL: https://www.iamashishsharma.com/feeds/posts/default 📑


📡 Azure Blue RSS feed

Covers articles that are dedicated to everything Azure-related- from Azure DevOps to Application Insights or Azure Batch, Matthias is keen to share everything he learns on his never-ending learning path into the Azure universe.

URL: https://www.azureblue.io/rss/ 📑


📡 Azure Cloud Administrator RSS feed

Azure Cloud administrator Role and Responsibility.Microsoft Azure Cloud Administrator Details.Azure,Azure powershell,Microsoft Azure.

URL: https://azureadministrator.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss 📑


📡 Azure Crazy RSS feed

An Azure blog created with the aim of supporting and helping grow the Azure community. Packed with interviews and content from Azure enthusiasts.

URL: https://azurecrazy.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Azure From The Trenches RSS feed

James is a Cloud Architect, Developer, Open Source contributor and cyclist. He loves to design and implement end to end solutions that deliver real value. Follow this blog to know more about Azure.

URL: https://www.azurefromthetrenches.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Azure Greg RSS feed

Follow us to keep up with articles from Azure Greg.

URL: https://gregorsuttie.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Azure Stack RSS feed

Follow this blog to know more about Azure Stack from the Azure Stack Community.

URL: https://azurestack.blog/feed/ 📑


📡 Azure Tips and Tricks RSS feed

Welcome to Azure Tips and Tricks, this site is a special collection of over 230 tips, videos, conference talks that span the entire universe of the Azure platform.

URL: https://microsoft.github.io/AzureTipsAndTricks/rss.xml 📑


📡 Azure and beyond RSS feed

Tom Janetscheck is a Microsoft Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and a Cloud Solutions Architect focused on security in hybrid infrastructures with Microsoft Azure and on premises environments. He is an Azure Advisor he provides product group feedback for newly developed and improved Azure features on a regular basis. Follow this blog where he shares his thoughts on Microsoft Azure and cloud technologies.

URL: https://blog.azureandbeyond.com/feed/ 📑


📡 AzureDiary RSS feed

Get everything about Azure by following this feed.

URL: https://medium.com/feed/azurediary 📑


📡 AzureFabric RSS feed

Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure. The main reason for AzureFabric is to have a place where i document selected work and have a go to place with structured information and guides, i also hope this blog will be of any use to the community and that sharing will spark ideas, conversations and more knowledge sharing.

URL: https://azurefabric.com/feed/ 📑


📡 AzureMan.com RSS feed

My name is Bert Wolters and I'm one of the Lead-Consultants of the Cloud Infrastructure and Apps group at inspark in The Netherlands. My primary focus is on Microsofts public cloud offering, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack. My work in Azure is not limited to, or focused solely on, IaaS in Azure, but I'm also very interested in the progress being made in Microsofts Operational Management tools, StorSimple, Hybrid Cloud Solutions and further Security aspects of the cloud..

URL: https://www.azureman.com/feed/ 📑


📡 AzureTar RSS feed

This website is a community tarball to Cloud Computing Science - From Abstraction to Invention changing the way we communicate, learn, solve problems, and do business.

URL: https://azuretar.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Berbagi Info RSS feed

I am Kunal Chandratre. Working as Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. My specialty is Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/PFaazM 📑


📡 BlueGranite Blog RSS feed

BlueGranite is a consulting services provider delivering business intelligence, advanced analytics, and data warehouse solutions on the Microsoft platform.

URL: https://www.blue-granite.com/blog/rss.xml 📑


📡 Build5Nines | Azure CLI Kung Fu RSS feed

Build Five Nines is focused on helping you be more productive with Cloud & Enterprise technology. We cover areas including Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Windows Server, Linux, Open Source, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more! Check out Azure CLI related info here.

URL: https://build5nines.com/category/azure-cli/feed/ 📑


📡 Captain Hyper-scaler RSS feed

The Journey to the Cloud continues... Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCT Regional Lead. Product Manager and strategy for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Services at @Secure_24.

URL: https://captainazurecloud.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloud Academy Blog | Microsoft Azure RSS feed

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Follow this blog to know more about Microsoft Azure.

URL: https://cloudacademy.com/blog/category/microsoft-azure/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloud Administrator in Azure World RSS feed

This blog is about spreading the knowledge related to IT and more specifically to Azure. It is also is my personal hub for the IT , Azure and the Cloud information. I work with technologies like Azure, Azure Management and Security services (aka OMS), ARM Templates, Azure Stack, PowerShell, Hyper-V, System Center and Azure Pack.

URL: https://cloudadministrator.net/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloud Avenue RSS feed

Covers articles focused on the latest updates on Azure and AWS, the how to part as well the why part of using different offerings from Cloud providers and the differences in similar offerings.

URL: https://cloudavenue.in/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloud Build RSS feed

Cloud Build is a blog that covers Microsoft Azure, Microsoft O365, VMware, tips and fixes. Follow to get more updates from this blog.

URL: https://cloudbuild.co.uk/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloud Marathoner's Journey RSS feed

Yet another cloud learner's journey to explore, learn and share with a diverse community. The primary purpose of this blog is to reflect my personal perspective on the cloud journey and help community members to start one.

URL: https://thecloudmarathoner.com/index.php/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloud Ranger Blog RSS feed

I am Shawn, a Microsoft Azure MVP and your trainer. Cloud Ranger is a blog about the cloud offering from Microsoft known as Microsoft Azure. This blog offers tutorials about Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

URL: http://www.cloudranger.net/feed/ 📑


📡 CloudInspired.com RSS feed

Cloud Inspired blog details step by step technical guides, training, and certification videos covering Microsoft Azure cloud, Amazon AWS, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, hybrid, public, and private cloud platforms.

URL: https://www.cloudinspired.com/feed/ 📑


📡 CloudShell RSS feed

The CloudShell blog by Rafael Medeiros features the latest content on Powershell and Azure.

URL: https://autoworld7car.wordpress.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Cloudelicious RSS feed

Cloudelicious writes about the different solutions all around Microsoft Azure. Cloudelicious is backed by a team of current and former Microsoft employees with a passion for the various flavors of the cloud. Knowing each other since more than ten years, it was about time to create a blog and share stories from our daily live in consulting.

URL: https://www.cloudelicious.net/feed/ 📑


📡 Coding Out Loud RSS feed

Bill Wilder is an experienced developer and architect focused on helping individuals and companies succeed in the cloud using the Azure cloud platform. Follow this blog to find articles on Azure cloud.

URL: https://blog.codingoutloud.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Configuring Clouds RSS feed

Sharing tips, tricks, and commentary about Azure, Cloud, and Datacenter management.

URL: https://cfgcloud.io/feed/ 📑


📡 Crying Cloud RSS feed

Crying Cloud covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of cloud, edge, and IoT. As nerds at heart we also sometimes stray to personal passion topics like Tesla and Control4.

URL: https://www.cryingcloud.com/blog?format=rss 📑


📡 Daniel Apps RSS feed

My name is Daniel Apps and I have been working in the IT industry since 1999. I am a Solutions Architect at Vigilant.IT and also a Microsoft P-TSP (Technology Solutions Professional). I'm based in beautiful Sydney, Australia and have worked at Vigilant.IT since 2009.

URL: https://blog.apps.id.au/feed/ 📑


📡 Daniel's Tech Blog RSS feed

Daniel is working for Microsoft as a Technology Solutions Professional, Azure Infrastructure. He is former Microsoft MVP and have received the award in the category Cloud and Datacenter Management in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Follow this blog to know more about Azure.

URL: https://www.danielstechblog.info/feed/ 📑


📡 Dotnet Artisan RSS feed

Dotnet Artisan is a technical blog dedicated to all the geeks out there. It is everything about cloud computing especially Microsoft Azure.

URL: http://dotnetartisan.in/feed/ 📑


📡 Elan Shudnow's Blog RSS feed

A Blog about Azure IaaS, PaaS, DevOps, and PowerShell.

URL: https://www.shudnow.io/feed/ 📑


📡 Elio Struyf RSS feed

Elio Struyf is an independent Engineering Lead, Blogger, and Speaker on a mission to share his tried-and-true wisdom with as many IT developers as possible. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for all things information technology, he has always been of the belief that one's job should go beyond something that just pays the bills. He has also had the opportunity to share his know-how at various speaking engagements and create articles for his blog that help others on their professional journeys.

URL: https://feeds.feedburner.com/estruyf 📑


📡 Growth is life..... RSS feed

Follow this blog to get articles and updates on Microsoft Azure.

URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GrowthIsLife 📑



Welcome one and all to the 'I am IT Geek' blog. You may have heard the saying 'I am Batman' well 'I am IT geek'! Loving husband and father by night, IT geek by day!! The main focus of my blogs will be around my experiences working in the IT industry as well as topics within the industry that I am passionate about including Security, Networking, and this 'thing' people keep talking about called Cloud!

URL: https://iamitgeek.com/feed/ 📑


📡 IT Calls Blog RSS feed

IT Calls blog share real-life calls received by IT professionals on different topics as Azure, Office365, Networking, Windows 10 and Security.

URL: https://itcalls.net/feed/ 📑


📡 Jack Roper RSS feed

A blog focused on all things Cloud and DevOps. Specialising in Azure & Terraform!

URL: https://medium.com/feed/@jackwesleyroper 📑


📡 Jack Tracey RSS feed

Azure & Networking Blog. Hi, I'm Jack Tracey, I am 25 and live in West Sussex, England, United Kingdom. I am responsible for assisting customers migrate, build & expand to mainly Azure IaaS & PaaS services as well as assisting with the various networking elements required when moving to the cloud. I am also a co-founder of the Sussex Azure User Group where we host monthly meetups to discuss all things Azure in a safe, friendly and chilled environment.

URL: https://jacktracey.co.uk/feed/ 📑


📡 Jamie Maguire RSS feed

Hi, I've done quite a bit over the years in the software industry and I've created this blog to store the things I learn to help re-enforce my understanding of concepts, technologies and to share this with the community.

URL: https://jamiemaguire.net/index.php/feed/ 📑


📡 Jesse Loudon RSS feed

Blog of Jesse Loudon | IT Consultant with 10 years who specializes in Azure and DevOps initiatives. Focuses on everything Azure governance with Azure Policy, authoring custom Azure Policy, helpful PowerShell scripts for projects, Terraform coding patterns, Ansible role development, and IaC/DevOps generally.

URL: https://jloudon.com/feed.xml 📑


📡 Jonny Chipz RSS feed

My name is John Lunn and I am a Microsoft Technical Architect focussed on Microsoft's Cloud Services of Azure and M365 for BT Enterprise who are my full time employer. I have always been a Science and Technology enthusiast, so working with Technology is a great way to get paid to do your hobby! I have over 20 years working experience within IT ranging from analyst to developer, from consulting to architecture.

URL: https://jonnychipz.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Joonas W's Blog RSS feed

Hi! My name is Joonas Westlin, I'm a software developer who blogs about ASP.NET, Azure, and Web development.

URL: https://joonasw.net/feed 📑


📡 Jorg Klein's Blog RSS feed

Jorg Klein is a technology consultant and architect specialised in the Azure cloud, (big) data & analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing. His passion is to help organisations get the most out of the continuously evolving exciting Azure cloud. He has more than 10 years of experience with the Microsoft BI platform. In recent years he focused only on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Power BI. Follow this blog to know more about Azure.

URL: https://jorgklein.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Journey to the cloud RSS feed

Wely is a developer, architect, trainer, consultant, technical writer, and technology lover. In spare time, he writes a blog, delivers a presentation, and participates in online community. His passion for driving Microsoft technologies especially Windows Azure made him be awarded the first Windows Azure MVP in Southeast Asia.

URL: https://wely-lau.net/feed/ 📑


📡 JustIDM RSS feed

After spending years on identity management projects and getting very useful information from other blogs and forums I've decided to give something back and share my knowledge with the community. I started with Identity Management around 2005, beginning with Novell IDM 3.x mostly as a Trainer, but shortly went over to Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003. Starting with MIIS Trainings as an MCT, the first smaller projects appeared, followed by more complex environments.

URL: https://justidm.wordpress.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Marius Sandbu RSS feed

Marius Sandbu Blog about End-user computing, software-defined datacenter, Microsoft Azure, Citrix, VMware, Nutanix.

URL: https://msandbu.org/feed/ 📑


📡 Michael Durkan Blog RSS feed

A Blog about Tech. Azure, Cloud, DevOps, On-Prem, and lots more! I'm Michael and I've been in the IT Infrastructure space for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning, and always find myself back in front of my laptop immersed in the latest tech and trying to make it work.

URL: https://michaeldurkan.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Microsoft Azure Blog RSS feed

The latest Azure news, product updates, and announcements from Azure experts. Azure is an open and flexible cloud computing platform created by Microsoft.

URL: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/feed/ 📑


📡 Microsoft Azure Security Randomness RSS feed

Microsoft Azure Security Randomness provides in-depth technical aspects of security in Azure.

URL: https://azsec.azurewebsites.net/feed/ 📑


📡 Mithun Shanbhag's blog RSS feed

Keep up with articles from Mithun Shanbhag's blog.

URL: https://mithunshanbhag.github.io/feed 📑


📡 MsDevBuild RSS feed

Microsoft AI Blog, Microsoft AI-powered coach will hone your presentation skills everywhere. Deliver hands-on digital learning experiences in Microsoft AI, cognitive service, Bot framework and Xamarin, Azure free Learning portal by Suthahar.

URL: https://www.msdevbuild.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss 📑


📡 MyCloudIT | Cloud & IT Insights RSS feed

MyCloudIT is an end-to-end Remote Desktop & App Delivery and Management Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure. Read our blogs for more cloud updates, Microsoft news & MyCloudIT releases.

URL: https://blog.mycloudit.com/rss.xml 📑


📡 MyKloud RSS feed

Designing Cloud, Mobility, Virtualized Data Center, Storage, Networks and Application Solutions to empower business to meet the demand of there employees, partners and customers in the Cloud and the Mobile era.

URL: https://mykloud.wordpress.com/feed/ 📑


📡 NetHugo's IT Pro Blog RSS feed

I'm Hugo and this is my blog where I document interesting findings, which you might find useful as well. I am a passionate individual in IT specializing as a full-stack engineer in Aussie managed services. From Melbourne, Australia, Computers have been my passion since receiving my first menu-driven DOS gaming computer at the age of three. Since then I have journeyed into an ever-advancing world packed with knowledge, excitement and networking.

URL: https://kamikazeadmin.net/feed/ 📑


📡 NillsF blog RSS feed

Nills is a cloud architect at Microsoft who has spent the last 6 years working with cloud computing. With a lot of experience in IaaS and networking, he is expanding his knowledge domain into the wonderful domain of Docker and Kubernetes. In his spare time, he enjoys the occasional beer; plays a lot a board games and likes to run.

URL: https://blog.nillsf.com/index.php/feed/ 📑


📡 Parveen Singh RSS feed

This blog serves as my outlet for things I run across in my career, as well as tips and tricks I pick up and experience I have in the general Cloud computing and SysAdmin world. My goal is to provide a useful repository of knowledge and stories for other cloud professionals and to those starting their cloud journey.

URL: https://parveensingh.com/rss/ 📑


📡 Patrick Riedl RSS feed

I am Patrick Riedl, and as you can see I am totally Microsoft enthusiastic.Through my work as a Cloud Architect and with my background in IT- & information-security,I always try to be ahead of the times. I hope to give back some knowledge to the online community with this website and I am always looking forward to feedback!

URL: https://www.patrickriedl.at/feed/ 📑


📡 Pixel Robots. RSS feed

A Blog about Microsoft Azure and Sysadmin stuff...Systems Architect working with Microsoft technologies, focusing on #Azure. The first reason was to create a place for me to store my step by step guides, troubleshooting guides and just plain ideas about being a sysadmin. The second reason was for me to share what I have learned and found out with other people like me.

URL: https://pixelrobots.co.uk/feed/ 📑


📡 Quae Nocent Docent RSS feed

Follow this blog to find articles and resources on Azure.

URL: https://nocentdocent.wordpress.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Raju RH RSS feed

Specialties: Azure,.Net Core, Docker, Containers, Azure DevOps, Cognitive Services (AI). In this blog, you will find the latest azure articles.

URL: https://rajurh.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default 📑


📡 Rasmus G's Blog RSS feed

Rasmus is passionate about helping businesses succeed in a software-focused world with intelligent cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure. He has followed Azure closely since its inception in 2008 with some years of experience in designing and implementing real-life Azure solutions. This blog is about Azure Identity and Information Security as well as Azure Compute.

URL: https://rasmusg.net/feed/ 📑


📡 RebelAdmin.com RSS feed

The Tech Blog You Need. Hello, my name is Dishan. I'm a Technology Consultant at Frontier Technology Limited. I'm a dedicated and enthusiastic information technology expert who enjoys professional recognition and accreditation from several respected institutions. I am maintaining this blog for last 7 years. This includes more than 400 articles already. These are mainly about Microsoft Active Directory Service and Azure Active Directory Service. I also blog about different Azure services.

URL: https://www.rebeladmin.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Ryan Mangan's IT Blog RSS feed

Data Centre & Cloud Technologist

URL: https://ryanmangansitblog.com/feed/ 📑



Hi, I'm Sajee, work as a Cloud Solution Architect(ISV) at Microsoft APAC OCP team, .NET and Open Source, speak at national & community events while helping teams architect web and cloud applications.

URL: https://sajeetharan.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Samcogan.com RSS feed

Hi, I'm Sam Cogan. I'm a Cloud Architect and Microsoft Azure MVP, focused on providing architecture and technical solutions for cloud based SaaS projects using Azure.

URL: https://samcogan.com/index.xml 📑


📡 Sander Rozemuller RSS feed

My name is Sander Rozemuller, I'm working at Unica ICT Solutions in the Netherlands. I'm working in IT since 2007. Since the start, I had a main interest in everything about Windows monitoring, logging, and alerting. To this day I am an automation specialist and trying to automate as much as I can. But also think about automation strategies and finding a balance between generic and specific. Mostly I work on Azure with Powershell in Azure Functions, Azure Automation, and DevOps. Here you will find posts about Azure Automation, PowerShell, LogAnalytics, Azure Monitor, Microsoft 365.

URL: https://rozemuller.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Serverless360 Blog RSS feed

Serverless360 blog shares information on the latest trends, news and features in integration space and updates on our products. Serverless360 brings the best in class features and solutions from business perspective to empower your Microsoft Azure support team.

URL: https://www.serverless360.com/feed 📑


📡 Shehan Perera RSS feed

Shehan writes about do-how's and his weekend tech DIY projects around Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Azure. This blog also includes step by step troubleshooting procedures as well as testing new Azure AD and Azure features.

URL: https://shehanperera.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Skylines Academy | Top Rated Cloud Training RSS feed

Skylines Academy gives people the depth of knowledge they need to get Microsoft Azure certifications which have a high demand for professional careers in the job market.

URL: https://www.skylinesacademy.com/blog?format=rss 📑


📡 Stefan Roth RSS feed

Keep up with articles from Stefan Roth.

URL: https://www.stefanroth.net/feed/ 📑


📡 TechFindings RSS feed

A blog focusing on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Azure Data Factory, Logic Apps, APIM. It contains tutorials, samples and errors and resolution by Maheshkumar

URL: https://www.tech-findings.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss 📑


📡 The Azure Podcast RSS feed

Cynthia Kreng, Kendall Roden, Cale Teeter, Evan Basalik, Russell Young & Sujit D'Mello work at Microsoft in the cloud and services area. They specialize in building and supporting enterprise apps and services that leverage the cloud. In this podcast together they focused on all things related to azure.

URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheAzurePodcast 📑


📡 The Cloud Blog RSS feed

Hi, my name is Rahul. I jot my thoughts and experiments with the cloud on this blog. I work as a Technical Team Lead at Zip. I am a versatile Cloud Architect with a passion for leadership and problem-solving with over 12 years of hands-on experience in cloud and web technologies and have a proven track record of applying emerging technologies and processes to drive efficiency in enterprise technology operations.

URL: https://thecloudblog.net/index.xml 📑


📡 The DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs RSS feed

Keep up with articles from The DirTeam.com.

URL: https://dirteam.com/feed/ 📑


📡 The Redmond Cloud RSS feed

he Redmond Cloud is a home for Azure and Microsoft Cloud news and information. We discuss Azure, AI, IOT, Quantum Programming, ERP, Windows and Blockchain.

URL: https://www.theredmondcloud.com/feed/ 📑


📡 The Windows Server FCI Blog RSS feed

Keep up with an Azure and Microsoft Windows Insider Server Cloud Blog

URL: https://robertsmit.wordpress.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Thomas Maurer | Cloud and Datacenter Blog RSS feed

Blog of Thomas Maurer - Microsoft Cloud Advocate - Focusing on Cloud Computing and Datacenter, especially Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Container, Windows10, PowerShell and more.Thomas works as a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. He engages with the community and customers around the world to share his knowledge and collect feedback to improve the Azure cloud platform.

URL: https://www.thomasmaurer.ch/feed/ 📑


📡 Thomas Thornton RSS feed

Passionate about Microsoft Azure. A passion in IT, specifically all things cloud whether it be a virtual machine taken from a local environment and implemented into the cloud or a fully scalable infrastructure stack built with the cloud in mind. Currently focusing on Microsoft Azure including heavily automation on the Azure platform.

URL: https://thomasthornton.cloud/feed/ 📑


📡 Thorsten's thoughts RSS feed

Experiences from real-world projects. Focussing Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code.

URL: https://thorsten-hans.com/feed.xml 📑


📡 Thoughts on Azure, OMS & SCOM RSS feed

Marnix Wolf is an Azure Evangelist. Follow this blog where he shares his thoughts on Azure, OMS & SCOM.

URL: http://thoughtsonopsmgr.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default 📑


📡 Vaibhav Gujral's Blog RSS feed

Welcome! I'm Vaibhav Gujral! Born and brought up in India, I've completed my Bachelor of Engineering degree in 2006. I have moved to Omaha, NE in 2016 and am currently working as a cloud architect at Kiewit Corporation which is one of North America's largest and most respected construction and engineering organization.

URL: https://vaibhavgujral.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Vijaya Kumar Vemula RSS feed

Vijaya Kumar Vemula Citrix and Azure Architect with 14 years of experience from Hyderabad, India.

URL: https://www.virtualvemula.com/feeds/posts/default 📑


📡 Vinicius Deschamps RSS feed

In this website, I am going to share about the experience I had recently with the Platform as a Service: Azure Web App Updates Platform as a Service By having the PaaS flavor, a couple of things are no longer your responsibility and lean on your Cloud Provider, in this case, Azure.

URL: https://viniciusdeschamps.com.br/feed/ 📑


📡 Why Azure? RSS feed

A Microsoft Azure blog which also have Citrix, Docker, Intune, VMware, SQL Server, Windows and Linux contents.

URL: https://whyazure.in/feed 📑


📡 Wim Matthyssen RSS feed

Wim shares articles about his journey with the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud.

URL: https://wmatthyssen.com/feed/ 📑


📡 Zimmergren RSS feed

Hi, I'm Tobias. I plan, architect and develop software and distributed cloud systems. Nice to meet you!

URL: https://zimmergren.net/feed/rss/ 📑


📡 about-azure.com RSS feed

Follow to get updates on Azure development and deployment

URL: https://about-azure.com/feed/ 📑


📡 adatum RSS feed

Adatum.no is a technical blog written by Martin Ehrnst and fucuses on Azure, Log Analytics, System Center Operations Manager and other cloud and monitoring related software.

URL: http://adatum.no/feed 📑


📡 baeke.info RSS feed

Keep up with articles from baeke.info.

URL: https://blog.baeke.info/feed/ 📑


📡 blog.azureinfra.com RSS feed

Welcome to my blog. Working mostly with Microsoft technologies, many of my posts are around that. But my passion for networking and hardware is frequently demonstrated in the many articles about Juniper, CheckPoint, Dell, etc.

URL: https://blog.azureinfra.com/feed/ 📑


📡 christiaanbrinkhoff.com | Sharing Azure Cloud and Desktop Virtualization Knowledge RSS feed

Christiaan Brinkhoff works as a Cloud Architect and Technology Evangelist for FSLogix (now part of Microsoft) and owns his own consultancy company. Where he focuses mainly on Public Cloud infrastructures and End-User Computing environments for the larger multinational enterprise customers for the EMEA region.

URL: https://www.christiaanbrinkhoff.com/feed/ 📑


📡 ciraltos | cloud, technology and trends RSS feed

A cloud technology blog about Microsoft Azure. Other topics include Office 265, Exchange, Windows Server and any other technology I may work with.

URL: https://www.ciraltos.com/feed/ 📑


📡 cloudopszone.com RSS feed

All About Microsoft Azure Technology and beyond...

URL: https://cloudopszone.com/feed/ 📑


📡 gatevnotes RSS feed

The blog of Radoslav Gatev. Get Microsoft Azure, MVP, MCSE, Cloud Platform, Software Architect.

URL: https://www.gatevnotes.com/rss/ 📑


📡 luke.geek.nz RSS feed

Blog about Azure and all things Microsoft. Microsoft MVP. Authored by Luke Murray, Technical Consultant, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, and Technologist.

URL: https://luke.geek.nz/feed.xml 📑


📡 wedoAzure RSS feed

Behind the scenes of this little blog about Microsoft Azure is me, Joe Carlyle. I am a Solution Architect with Evros Technology Group in Dublin, Ireland. I started the blog because I am passionate about what Azure as a platform can offer people and felt like sharing. Posts will vary from new feature commentary and deployment guides, to troubleshooting help, to feature overviews.

URL: https://wedoazure.ie/feed/ 📑


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