December 20, 2011

CyberSEO Lite Plugin for WordPress

CyberSEO Lite is a simplified version of CyberSEO Pro – the most advanced but easy-to-use auto-blogging and content curation plugin for WordPress. CyberSEO Lite is intended to import RSS and Atom feeds and automatically convert the content into WordPress posts at your site. The plugin is equipped with unique and very powerful software tools that you may find in premium solutions only.


  • Generate WordPress posts from Atom/RSS feeds and run your site on autopilot.
  • Spin post content with WordAI, SpinnerChief and SpinRewriter 3rd-party services*.
  • Assign a WPML language code to generated posts.
  • Embed media attachments (images and videos) into the posts.
  • Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, IGN, and DailyMotion RSS feeds. Just enable the “Embed videos” option and the plugin will embed videos with the plugin will generate titles directly into your posts.
  • Generate featured images (post thumbnails) from post images or media attachments.
  • Full Text RSS extractor is 100% free and allows you to import full-text articles. This feature is based on freeware GPL library by This built-in feature works right out of the box. No 3rd-party services or paid API keys.
  • Hotlink post images or upload them to your host.
  • Translate the syndicated articles from and to more than 100 languages via free Yandex Translate and premium Google Translate services.
  • Advanced RSS/Atom parsing algorithm has the ability to pull the feeds fully automatically. Furthermore, you can assign the updating period to each particular feed. Also you can set up a maximum number of posts that will be syndicated at once. This is a very useful feature for SEO of your blogs.
  • Adjustable post duplicate check by GUID, post title or both.
  • Import articles as drafts or publish them immediately.
  • Automatically assign post categories and tags.
  • Attribute generated posts to selected authors.
  • Shorten post excerpts by a given lenght.
  • Add a user-defined HTML code (custom footers) to every syndicated post.
  • Convert character encoding if the source feed has a non UTF-8 one. E.g. KOI8-R, KOI8-U, Windows-1251, Windows-1256, Windows-1255 etc. Thus the plugin is compatible with all existing national character encoding systems.
  • The plugin can be scheduled by a server-side cron and by WordPress pseudo-cron.


  • PHP 5.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • PHP mbstring extension
  • PHP cURL extension (recommended)
  • PHP variable safe_mode must be disabled (if cURL is not installed)
  • PHP variable allow_url_fopen must be enabled (if cURL is not installed)
  • Access to cron on server (recommended)

Download CyberSEO Lite Visit CyberSEO Lite at

* Important notice regarding 3rd-party content spinners

In accordance with the WordPress policy, the content spinning scripts can not be hosted at Thus you have to manually download the archive by clicking the download button below, unpack it and upload the contained spinners.php file to the /wp-content/plugins/cybersyn folder of your site.

Don’t worry, it’s a freeware GPL script, so you don’t have to pay for anything. Just download it, unpack and upload into the same folder at your site where cybersyn.php is located, and the content spinning feature will be instantly available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download for CyberSEO Lite


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