Auto-comments - CyberSEO Pro
March 27, 2012


The CyberSEO Pro plugin allows you to generate comments automatically, using your own prepared comment lists or various RSS feed sources.

CyberSEO Pro Auto-comments

First of all, you have to create a comma-delimited list of author names, insert it into the “auto-comments authors” box and save the changes. To fill out that list just google for “popular names” and “popular nicknames”.

When done, you can create your first auto-comment campaign. After assigning an unique campaign name, you need to fill out the “Comments” box. There you have to put your own prepared comments (one comment per line). Try to make the comments relevant to the post categories (you need to specify them in the “Select post category” box) of your auto-comment campaign (don’t forget to spice them with your keywords). When the comment list is created, you may tell the plugin to shuffle and spin the comments. In order to make sure that the same comment won’t be posted twice, it gets removed from the “Comments” list upon posting.

You can also use regular RSS feeds as an auto-comment source for your posts.

CyberSEO Pro Auto-comments Campaign

The auto-comments module works in the following way. When someone opens your blog post in the browser, the plugin checks if it meets the campaign requirements (i.e. if the post categories meet the campaign ones). Then according to the specified probability % (0 – never, 100 – always), the CyberSEO plugin makes a decision on posting of comment.