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September 22, 2011

Morphing RSS Host Mode (Content Spinner)


Morphing RSS Host Mode


The Morphing RSS Host Mode is a very powerful feature. It turns a regular WordPress blog into a morphing feeds source. To make your feeds morphing, you should write your posts using nested Spintax – a special spinning syntax. For example, if your original post has the following sentence:

{The content spinning|Spinning of the content} is {{a very|an} important {part|component|aspect} of SEO|useful for {getting|gaining} backlinks}.

The generated results may look like these:

  • The content spinning is an important part of SEO.
  • Spinning of the content is a very important aspect of SEO.
  • The content spinning is useful for gaining backlinks.
  • Spinning of the content is useful for getting backlinks.

This method works with all parts of your blog post and RSS feeds: with a tittle, with a post body (content) and with an excerpt (description). I.e. you may have a few different pictures for each post to supply your other blogs with an unique graphical content. To ensure that every feed you are syndicating to other blogs generates the same content, add at the end of your feed URLs a special cseo_seed parameter with a some random value. E.g.:


Real-life example

Original text in Spintax:

{Relaxed|Fully rested}, {{tanned|unshaven} and happy}, I {arrived {at the {Denver|Chicago|Moscow|Reykjavik|Toronto|London|Berlin|Stockholm|Helsinki|Dublin|Juneau} airport|to {DEN|JFK}}|{arrived|got back} to my {city|town|place}} after returning from {my {bucolic|rustic|rural|pastoral|idyllic|sylvan} {Caribbean|Thai|Canary} vacation|beach holidays in {the Maldives|Ibiza}|{my|an outstanding} vacation {on Canary islands|in Dubai|in Thailand}}. {As the customs agent|A customs officer} {handed my passport back to me|{returned|looked into|checked} my passport}, {she|he} {{cheerily|fervently} {welcomed me home|congratulated me} by declaring,|said with a {sunny|wide|snow-white} smile} "Back to reality for {you|you, Sir}!"

Spun text:


Click to spin again

As you can see at the example above, there is a plenty of possible versions of text that can be generated for that particular sample text written in Spintax. All versions will be different for search engines, but the joke will have the same sense for a human person who reads it. That’s why when used right, Spinax is an extremely powerful tool for SEO.