CyberSEO Pro installation and activation

Installation and activation

Before you start

Read carefully the CyberSEO Terms Of Service. and check your server configuration to be sure that it meets the following requirements:

  • WordPress 6 or greater.
  • PHP ver. 7 or greater (PHP 7.4.32 and PHP 8 or greater are recommended).
  • MySQL ver. 5 or greater.
  • Essential PHP extensions: curl, gd, imagick, json, libxml, mbstring, openssl, simplexml, xml, zip, zlib.
  • Access to cron on server (recommended).
  • A live web site with a domain name. The plugin can’t be activated at unnamed IP address or at localhost.


The CyberSEO Pro is a proprietary plugin and it is not listed in the WordPress plugin directory. Thus it can’t be installed from WordPress plugin directory.

You need to open the Plugins -> Add New page inside your WordPress admin panel. Then click on the “Upload Plugin” button on top of the page. After that the plugin upload form will show up. Click on the “Choose File” button and select the file you downloaded earlier to your computer.

Now click on the “Install Now” button and WordPress will upload CyberSEO Pro from your computer and install it at your server. The success message will appear and you’ll see the “Activate Plugin” button. Just click on it to activate the plugin.


In order to use the CyberSEO Pro plugin on your site, you must activate it. Click on “Plugins” in the main WordPress menu on the right of the admin panel. Find CyberSEO Pro there and click on the “Activate” link right under it.

If you are upgrading from CyberSEO Lite or older versions of CyberSEO Pro, make sure to disable those plugins before you activate CyberSEO Pro.

Click on the newly appeared “CyberSEO Pro” link in your WordPress admin panel. Enter your registration info and click on the “Сlick to register” button. If everything was done, the plugin will be registered immediately and be ready to use.

Using CyberSEO Pro for the first time

  • Click on “CyberSEO Pro” in the main WordPress menu on the right of the admin panel.
  • Find the “New Feed URL:” text field there and copy/paste your RSS feed URL there (e.g.: and the click on “Syndicate“. You should see the feed settings menu.
  • Set the necessary options. It’s recommended to use the default ones for the first time, till you are not familiar enough with the plugin yet (please read the Content Syndicator manual).
  • Scroll the page down and click “Syndicate This Feed“. Now the feed is added to CyberSEO Pro.
  • Select the check box on the left of the feed’s name and click “Pull selected feeds now!”

Voila, a new post has been added to your blog!


The CyberSEO Pro is a professional plugin which requires an appropriate attitude from the user. Before to start using the plugin and alter any default settings, please read the manuals and the support forum. Also please subscribe to our Blog, Twitter, YouTube channel and LinkedIn.