September 22, 2011

Duplicate Post Finder

Sometimes duplicate posts appear in any blog that importing the content from the RSS feeds. There are many reasons for that: incorrect GUID info in syndicating feeds, bugs in feed-pulling plugins etc. In any case, the blog that has duplicating posts is just asking Google to get it away from the SERP’s.
The CyberSEO Suite includes a special “Duplicate Post Finder” module which allows you to detect and delete all the duplicate content on your blog in a few mouse clicks. The Duplicate Post Finder script has 3 various algorithms to compare the blog content for dupes:
  • search by content
  • search using heuristic algorithm
  • search by title

The most useful method is “search by content” which will strictly compare all the existing posts. So only the posts with 100% identical content will be marked as dupes.

The heuristic search algorithm is more intelligent and allows you to easily detect even morphed posts. However, in some cases it may consider really different posts as dupes. Especially the ones that have no links and pictures in them. So use this method wisely and always preview the posts your are going to delete.

The “search by title” method compares only the tittles of your posts. It’s very fast and strict, but it will detect all the posts with identical titles as dupes, even if they have absolutely different content. Thus we don’t recommend you to use this method excepting the cases when you’re 100% sure on what you’re doing.