CyberSEO Pro Workflow

CyberSEO Pro workflow

CyberSEO Pro performs a series of operations when adding a new post or page to the WordPress database, depending on the options you set in the feed settings. It is important to understand the order in which these options are applied. Below is the complete sequence of operations performed by the plugin:

  1. Preprocess source PHP code execution.
  2. Insertion of embed videos from tube feeds.
  3. Generate custom fields from XML tag values and static text strings.
  4. Preliminary duplicate check to avoid unnecessary requests to third-party services.
  5. Full-text article extraction.
  6. Generate custom fields from the post content.
  7. Strip specified HTML tags.
  8. OpenAI GPT title and article generation.
  9. Article Forge article generation.
  10. HTML tags balancing.
  11. Post template shortcode processing.
  12. Custom PHP code execution.
  13. The 2nd (final) duplicate check, if not checked by the custom PHP code, to ensure post title and link accuracy.
  14. Article translation.
  15. Category assignment.
  16. Filter categories.
  17. Creation of new categories.
  18. Auto tags generation.
  19. Predefined tags assignment.
  20. Shorten excerpts.
  21. Content spinner and built-in synonymizer/rewriter execution.
  22. Post headers and post footers insertion.
  23. Pixabay image import.
  24. DALL∙E image generation.
  25. Stable Diffusion image generation.
  26. AI-selected image import.
  27. Saving images scheduled by the cseo_store_image() API function during custom PHP code execution.
  28. Adding media attachments and embedding of video defined in the “video” custom field.
  29. Saving images and videos.
  30. Post thumbnails generation.
  31. Removing outer HTML elements.
  32. Inserting post into the WordPress database.
  33. Inserting custom fields (post meta) into the WordPress database.
  34. Custom taxonomies assignment.
  35. Image gallery generation.
  36. Post thumbnail generation.
  37. Generation of post comments, if defined by custom PHP code.

Understanding this workflow can help you optimize your use of CyberSEO Pro and ensure that your posts and pages are generated and added to the database correctly.