December 20, 2011

CyberSEO Lite Plugin for WordPress

The CyberSEO Lite project has been discontinued.

The free GPL CyberSEO Lite (CyberSyn) plugin has been removed from for using of the “unwanted” SEO tools like Article Forge and WordAi. These SEO methods are considered inappropriate, according to the WordPress guidelines.

We were trying to support the project for almost a year, but unfortunately a free plugin for WordPress can’t survive apart from the WordPress community. So we finally decided to close it and concentrate all efforts entirely on our proprietary plugins.

If you’re using the outdated and unsupported CyberSEO Lite and are in search of more advanced features, consider exploring RSS Retriever. This modern, AI-enabled RSS/Atom aggregator for WordPress offers cutting-edge capabilities that could provide the upgrades you’ve been seeking.

Check out the AI Autoblogger plugin for automatic generation book-length posts using AI tools like GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini Pro, Midjourney and more.

WordPress for Journalists

CyberSEO Lite in the press

WordPress for Journalists presents an in-depth and accessible introduction to using the content management system WordPress to produce journalism today. LJ Filotrani, an experienced multimedia journalist and website editor and creator, gives readers guidance on using the wide-ranging functionality of WordPress to create news and other forms of journalistic content.

Download the final release of CyberSEO Lite ver. 7.130*

* The plugin was last updated on November 30, 2022, so services API such as WordAi or Yandex Translate may not be up to date.