February 18, 2012

KVS FLV Player for WordPress

The KVS Player plugin allows one to easily embed videos (supported formats: FLV, F4V and MP4) into WordPress posts and pages using the following shortcode:

[flv:url image width height link player]


  • url – URL of the video file you want to embed;
  • image (optional) – URL of the preview image (shown in display and playlist). The preview image must be stored on local host as it’s required by Kernel Team video player;
  • width (optional) – width of the video;
  • height (optional) – height of the video;
  • link (optional) – URL to the external page the display, control bar and playlist can link to (default: #);
  • player (optional) – URL to the FLV player (default: /wp-content/plugins/kvs-player-pro/kt_player/kt_player.swf).

The plugin uses the freeware Kernel Team FLV Video Player.

Download KVS Player

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