October 20, 2020

ePN to WordPress

epn to WordPress

CyberSEO Pro is the best plugin to import ePN products into WordPress. The plugin generates WordPress posts or pages for every product in the selected category. It generates titles, descriptions and featured image for every product. Once set, the plugin will automatically populate your WordPress site with products from the ePN feed. You may set a lifetime for every feed there. This means that the product’s page will be removed from the WordPress database after a specified amount of time (hours, days, months etc) and if the product is still available, its page will be recreated with the updated description and price (if changed). Get paid for the traffic you send to ePN!

It doesn’t matter what you do – sleep, hanging in a bar or just chilling, CyberSEO Pro will be doing its job on full autopilot 24/7.

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