November 14, 2018

CyberSEO 6 Plugin for WordPress (obsolete)

CyberSEO 6 Plugin for WordPress (obsolete version)License type: Proprietary (Copyright ©

The CyberSEO plugin version 6 “The Blast” has been released in 2012 and its development was stopped in 2015 when CyberSEO 6 was finally replaced by a most advanced version.

Important notes

  • CyberSEO is not a GPL product and it is distributed under proprietary license.
  • Since the support of CyberSEO 6 was stopped in 2015, no updates will be released for it. The plugin is distributed “AS IS”.
  • CyberSEO 6 is not compatible with PHP 7 and PHP 8. The plugin works with obsolete PHP 5.2.4 – 5.6.38 only.
  • Many of unique and most powerful features described in the documentation (e.g. JSON, HTML and CSV support, HTTPS support, smart XML structure recognizer, auto-update function, full text RSS extractor, presets, post templates, language translators, auto-tags etc), are available in the new versions of CyberSEO Pro only and they are missing in CyberSEO 6.


  • The plugin accepts RSS, Atom and XML feeds.
  • The syndication algorithm has the ability to pull the content on autopilot. Furthermore, you can assign the updating period to each particular content source. Also you can set up a maximum number of posts that will be syndicated from it at once. This is a very useful feature for SEO of your blogs, because search engines don’t like blogs that add 100 or more posts in a moment.
  • You can synonymize and rewrite every syndicated post, shuffle its paragraphs, add any random HTML blocks as headers and footers.
  • CyberSEO 6 is integrated with the following content spinner services: WordAi, SpinnerChief, SpinRewriter, SpinChimp.
  • Proxy support. CyberSEO 6 will use your proxy-list to access all internal URL’s. The proxies are usually used to parse those services that do not allow frequent connections from the same IP’s.
  • The auto commenting tool allows one to automatically post comments using user-defined content and random names.
  • The unique “Parse WordPress archives” function allows one to syndicate all the published posts from any other WordPress blog with a single click.
  • You can hotlink images from the syndicated posts or download them to your server. This feature allows to bypass hotlink protection, hide the image source URL and improve performance of the blog.
  • Adjustable post uniqueness identification by GUID, the post title or both.
  • Automatic generation of featured images (post thumbnails).
  • The CyberSEO 6 plugin works with all existing WordPress themes and allows one to run a full-featured automatically populated tube sites, image galleries, pinboards, blogs, magazines, online shops and anything else.
  • The PHP programmers can write their own scripts to alter the syndicating content. With this feature webmasters gain the absolute power on generated content!

System requirements

  • PHP 5.2.4 – 5.6.38
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • PHP mbstring extension
  • PHP cURL extension
  • PHP variable safe_mode must be disabled
  • PHP variable allow_url_fopen must be enabled
  • Access to cron on server

Download CyberSEO 6.78 Unlimited Edition