What is an AI article writer?

The writing industry, like almost every other industry, has been turned on its head by a wealth of AI tools aiming to make the process more precise, refined, and efficient. With all the different AI-powered writing tools out there, it’s important to understand the differences between them and where each excels. Article Forge is an AI article writer, which makes it quite different from most other AI writing tools. 


  • What an AI article writer IS
  • What an AI article writer IS NOT
  • Benefits of using an AI article writer
  • AI article writers are constantly improving

What an AI article writer IS

An AI article writer is a tool that uses AI to draft an entire piece of long form writing, such as an article or a blog post. With Article Forge, the user enters a “keyword” phrase and, optionally, some additional topics to tell the AI what to write about, and sets the article length and a few other parameters. A minute later, Article Forge produces a full and unique article written in a natural and accessible tone.

It may sound like the user doesn’t have much control over what Article Forge writes for them, but there are a few best practices they can follow that will give them more control. They key is to give very specific keyword prompts in order to make your intent clear to the AI. Read more about Article Forge’s best practices here.

What an AI article writer IS NOT

There are many AI-powered writing tools on the market right now, but the vast majority are different types of AI writing assistants. Overall, AI writing assistants aim to alter and expand on the content you enter in different ways.

Tools like Copy, Jasper, Frase, and others, can generate anywhere from a few words to paragraphs from the prompts you enter. These tools offer many different types of solutions to help produce short-form content for different purposes.

Then there are tools like Grammarly, Writer, and Wordtune that alter your text to fix spelling and grammar mistakes, improve readability, and even increase sentence diversity. Some of these tools will also suggest different ways to rephrase or expand existing content to help you write faster.

While there are dozens of AI writing assistants to choose from, they are not AI article writers because they do not offer any way to create a complete article without significant human involvement.

Said another way, AI writing assistants can be great tools for writers because they help within the writing process. AI article writers on the other hand, produce entire articles at a time, so they are better suited for content managers and those who are looking to increase overall article creation efficiency.

Benefits of using an AI article writer

There are many reasons to start using an AI article writer over more traditional methods. When compared to writing manually, or even using an AI writing assistant, using a tool like Article Forge saves significant time and effort.

When compared to hiring freelance writers, using Article Forge is faster, more predictable, and more cost-efficient. While the use of freelance writers is on the rise, AI article writers like Article Forge are in a position to hijack this surge and largely replace freelance writers in many situations.

Specifically, Article Forge excels at writing long form articles that are useful and informative, but simple to understand and easily readable. Users can control the type of article produced using the best practices mentioned above with as little effort as entering their focus keyword with clear intent.

Article Forge is also great at creating SEO-friendly content, especially since it uses some of the same AI architecture that search engines like Google use to evaluate and rank content. In practice, anyone looking to create SEO content can identify important competitive keywords and use them as prompts for Article Forge to target.

Article Forge also has features like a post scheduler, an integration with WordPress, and an API that help automate the content production process even further.

AI article writers are constantly improving

As is the case with AI in general, AI article writers are not perfect yet. While Article Forge is a leader in AI article generation, it is currently only scratching the surface of its article generation potential.

For example, Article Forge has recently made breakthroughs in its ability to produce content that is factually accurate. Most AI writing tools are based on the GPT-3 AI model which, while powerful, is not able to reliably produce factually accurate content. Because Article Forge uses its own proprietary AI models, it has been making strides to improve its ability to write factually accurate and relevant content about any topic.

In fact, in the next few months, Article Forge will be releasing multiple quality improvements as well as expanding the inputs you can enter to better control the articles.

With these exciting areas of development, Article Forge has become a game changer for writing and content marketing professionals. Rather than just helping writers, like most AI writing tools on the market right now, Article Forge goes a step further, actually writing full pieces of long form content at a time. 

Frequently asked questions:

What is an AI article writer?

An AI article writer is a tool that writes fully developed, unique, relevant long form pieces of content like articles or blog posts in about a minute. Article Forge is one of the only true AI article writers on the market right now.

What is an AI writing assistant?

An AI writing assistant is a tool that seeks to support human writers by expanding on existing text and suggesting edits for grammar and spelling, style, and content structure. Most AI-powered writing tools on the market right now are AI writing assistants.

Can AI write a blog?

Yes, Article Forge’s AI is capable of writing a full blog post, with a beginning, middle, and end, about virtually any topic in a natural, readable tone. In fact, Article Forge has broken new ground among other AI tools in producing factually accurate content on a consistent basis.

How do you use an AI writer?

Just enter a topic keyword, set some basic parameters, and Article Forge will produce a full article in a minute. Use longer, more descriptive keywords to have more control over how Article Forge writes about the topic, and use specific sub-keywords to give more information and structure for Article Forge to work with.

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