Version 8.007 changes - CyberSEO Pro

Version 8.007 changes

  • CyberSEO is now integrated with Article Forge.
  • The Full-Text RSS API interface has been optimized and works much faster now (up to 10x times in some cases).
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.

Version 8.007 changes

Now CyberSEO is integrated with a powerful article Forge service, which automatically writes completely unique, on-topic, high-quality articles using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. You may use it to generate a whole content of your posts, or use it to enrich the posts you syndicate from RSS feeds or other sources. E.g. you can add the AI generated articles above or below the main content of your posts. Just give it a keyword and Article Forge will generate an unique text for it.

The CyberSEO plugin allows you to define a desired keyword for every syndicated post, to set it’s position in the main post content and also allows you to use the AI generated article titles instead the original ones.

Important: Article Forge is a 3rd-party service, so the content generation is being performed at 3rd-party servers. So it may take a rather long time (more than 60 seconds) to generate an article. So I suggest you to not add more than one article at once. Also you should increase your maximum PHP execution time up to 3 minutes. To do so, just alter the max_execution_time parameter in your php.ini as follows and restart your server:

max_execution_time = 180