How to Produce SEO Friendly Content Using AI to Write Articles

If content marketing makes up any part of your company’s business strategy, then it’s important to take steps to make sure your content is optimized for search engines (SEO). Of course there are agencies and freelance writers that specialize in writing SEO friendly content, but they can be expensive and unreliable.

A strong option for producing SEO content is an AI-powered writing tool like Article Forge

This article provides a brief background on AI writers as they relate to SEO, but you can click the button below to go directly to the “How To” section of this article for actionable advice!

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  • A brief background on SEO
  • AI writers and their strengths in SEO writing
    • AI writers vs. AI writing assistants
    • Article Forge and search engines have AI in common
    • Use AI to publish content at scale more efficiently
  • How to use AI to produce SEO friendly articles
    • Get the best content you can out of Article Forge
Content is a primary factor in SEO

What is SEO?

The topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is far too broad to be covered in any single post. But, the simple definition of SEO is the practice of building a webpage in a way that makes it more likely to appear in search engine query results. Many different elements go into optimizing your website for search engines, but the written content – the words on the website – is probably the most significant. 

A big part of any SEO strategy should be identifying major keywords that customers in your market sector are likely to enter into search engines and writing content with an emphasis on those keywords. This is something that AI tools like Article Forge are specifically designed to do. 

AI writers and their strengths in SEO writing

AI writers vs. AI writing assistants

Article Forge is an AI writer, which differentiates it from the vast majority of AI-powered writing tools on the market. Most are AI writing assistants. These tools, like Jasper, Copy, and others, focus on editing and extrapolating from content that someone has written. They require human input at every stage of the process in order to work.

Article Forge, on the other hand, writes an entire piece of long-form content, from start to finish, with only an initial keyword input from the user. It automates the writing process rather than just augmenting it. 

This process has several advantages when it comes to making content that is SEO-friendly.

Article Forge and search engines have AI in common

There are many fundamental parallels shared between AI writers like Article Forge and search engines like Google. 

First and foremost, Article Forge uses the same deep learning framework to determine what relevant information to include when writing that Google uses to determine what information is relevant to a searcher’s query. 

Because search engines use these deep learning models to rank the most relevant results for every given keyword, Article Forge has an automatic edge when writing content. Specifically, Article Forge requires users to enter keywords as article prompts, then evaluates those keywords’ intent, and writes content that both the user and Google will find relevant. 

In short, Article Forge produces content based on a keyword input from the user, making it a natural at producing keyword-driven SEO content that ranks.

Use AI to publish content at scale more efficiently

As any content manager can tell you, a big part of SEO is publishing a lot of high-quality content as efficiently as possible. But many of those same content managers are too busy with other facets of their pipeline to be able to consistently produce enough content to populate their content calendars. 

AI writers like Article Forge are a great solution to this problem. As mentioned above, it is a comprehensive automation tool. Content managers can more or less fully outsource their content writing to Article Forge, and they can do so with much better return on investment than with freelancers. 

How to use AI to produce SEO friendly articles

As the focal point of this article, you might think using AI to write articles is a complicated process that needs to be taught as a walkthrough. For some tools, that may be true, but the beauty of Article Forge is that it eliminates the vast majority of the work needed to produce a fully formed article. 

You simply enter your keyword, click a button and in a single minute, you will have an entire article that is naturally SEO friendly.

The fact that you can can produce a full, long form piece of content with virtually no effort rewrites the entire return on investment equation for content production. 

Get the best content you can out of Article Forge

Given that the input is incredibly simple, the keywords you enter will have a lot to do with how your article turns out. Therefore to get the best quality content, it’s important to make your intent clear by using descriptive and specific keywords.

For instance, if you enter the keyword: “surfing” with no other context. Article Forge will stick to the more general aspects of surfing. That might be the type of article you are looking for, but oftentimes, you will want your articles to be more focused; you might even want your content to refer to specific surfing locations. 

So, if you entered a keyword like: “where to go surfing in Costa Rica”, Article Forge would know to write an article about great places to surf in Costa Rica, and the article would be much more focused. 

When entering in your keywords, think of the equation below to help you tell Article Forge what you are looking for:

In this way, content managers can direct Article Forge to create content that addresses the intent that their target readers are searching for.

This also helps you address long tail keywords, conversational keywords, and gives you many more topic variations to build deeper content coverage to earn better overall topic authority.

Another way that Article Forge can be used to optimize content creation efficiency is through its API. Web developers, or even tech savvy marketing professionals, can use the API to plug Article Forge straight into their development process, allowing for all kinds of SEO-oriented integrations and automations. 

No matter how you choose to use Article Forge, it will be able to improve your site’s search engine authority by writing content that is very SEO-friendly.

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