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How to find a good affiliate program?


I believe that every website owner has asked himself this question at least once. I’m doing online business since the past century and I created a set of 4 criteria that I called HSRC. Here is what my humble definition of HSRC stands for:

  1. Honest – does not cheat and steal.
  2. Sane – won’t ask you for your ID, living address, utility bills, urine analysis and other nonsense because of some mystical “KYC”. You’re not a client, you’re a partner and the affiliate program owner is not a US bank under “Patriot Act”. So if you are asked for such an information, run away as fast as you can. Otherwise you will discover that some affiliate program (e.g. Binance) just sold your personal info to Russian FSB (aka KGB) or someday you’ll find your personal info on a black market in the Dark Web.
  3. Reliable – won’t die tomorrow or just disappear and get away with your earnings.
  4. Converting – it’s obvious that nobody wants sell a useless junk.

If you have some other criteria to extend HSRC, please share it in the comments below.