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CyberSEO Lite version 7 has been released!

CyberSEO Lite

Say Hello to the brand new version of the CyberSEO Lite plugin, which was released on Feb 20th 2022. Thу code has been fully redone to be maximally compatible with CyberSEO Pro. Just take a look at these new features that extend a huge arsenal of tools provided by CyberSEO Lite 6.

  • New WordAI API integration. If you are using this service to spin your articles, you may notice that it stopped working in CyberSEO Lite 6 because of changes in API. Be sure to upgrade to CyberSEO Lite 7 to fix the issue.
  • Full Article Forge support. Now you can use this amazing service to automatically generate completely unique, SEO optimized, high-quality articles for your blog.
  • The FIFU (aka “Featured Image from URL”) plugin support. Use it to hotlink an external image as featured image of your post, page or custom post type. Save money on storage, processing and copyright.
  • X-Spinner support. Now you can use this service to automatically spin syndicating articles. Forget about monthly payments for 3rd-party spinner service. Just install the script at your own server and use it to generate as many spins as you want, without any limitation.
  • New post image handling options. Now you can hide the first post image, the post thumbnail or both to avoid so called “image duplication” effect, when the 1st post picture is used as a featured image and being displayed twice by some WordPress themes.
  • The “Encrypt links” option, which can be used to encrypt all your affiliate links along with referral codes.
  • Define HTML post header and footer sets for every RSS feed, to randomly insert them into posts. HTML code and JavaScript allowed.
  • Spoof user agent to emulate any browser or a search engine bot when you pull the feeds.
  • Import Amazon products from any search page without API keys. The only thing you need to set is your Amazon associate tag to earn commissions for your referred sales. So you don’t need an Amazon API, special feeds etc. Just syndicate with CyberSEO Lite any Amazon search page URL (e.g. like a regular RSS feed and simply pull it!

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