The CyberSEO price has been reduced!

The price on CyberSEO 7 unlimited domain license has been reduced and now you can order it for only $99.95. The price of upgrade from CyberSEO ver. 5 and 6 to CyberSEO 7 is $49.95 now.

Reddit preset has been added

Now you can import Reddit RSS feeds in two mouse clicks: Select this preset to import RSS feeds from This preset automatically generates the post thumbnail (featured image). The basic feed format:<channel name>/.rss The feed example: The preset supports both image and video content.

WordAi version 4 is now live

I’m about to show you something that I thought was impossible before today…  A spinner that automatically produces human quality content. When I say human quality I am not referring to low quality garbage that will get you penalized by Google or content that you have to spend hours manually proofreading. I am talking about
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Linking gallery images to a sponsor

Some customers are asking me on how to link the gallery images to a sponsor (affiliate program URL). Actually this is very easy, but requires a slight modification of your WordPress theme. Let’s consider that CyberSEO plugin pulls some sponsor FHG feed or parses a CSV dump with links to image galleries. The plugin generates
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Post templates

Since version 7.021, the CyberSEO plugin allows one to define HTML templates for post title, post content and post excerpt. You can use these text boxes to define the layout and contents of the posts, generated by CyberSEO. The following predefined tags are available: %post_title% – post title; %post_content% – post content; %post_excerpt% – post
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